1. The Bass Brothers Trailer – Low Quality

Action/Adventure/Comedy…”The Bass Brothers in the Million Dollar Bass hunt has it all!” You’d never know it was a fishing show! Vote and tell us what you think! OUTSTANDING ENTERTAINMENT! … Taylor and Hill .. Chicago Observer. THE “NEW” A-TEAM GOES BASS FISHING! … Jacobson and Garrett .. The Chicago Tattler

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6 Responses to “1. The Bass Brothers Trailer – Low Quality”

  1. ozmang says:

    Captain Maverick has passed. He was a personal friend of mind. He was only 3′ 2′ but a giant friend to me any many others.
    Always missed & Forever Remembered! LOVE YA RODG.

  2. SubZeroRains says:

    this is a really awesome video guys! You seem to have found a proper way to harness the humor in the sport of fishing and keeping it entertaining. Looking forward to seeing more of this, definitely!

  3. ExhumedByScryingEyes says:

    Everyone’s video quality is about the same. We’re not quite at the point where you can just post your dvd footage up, maybe next month. :-)
    I can’t wait for this to air! The trailer is great! But it doesn’t do the show justice! It’s nice to see so many people enjoying it :-) good things. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon, in the meantime wave from the glades.


  4. cib49068 says:

    Nice video! Gotta love anything with Bass or even just fishing in general. The fight scene was a bonus!

  5. DrEmmetBrown says:

    Hey, I’m back to watch your trailer again, lol! Had to bringmy dad around to see you guys! He thinks you’ll do great, he stopped watching fishing shows ’cause they got so boring. That is until you air your show. When is it going to air?

  6. BassTV says:

    We apologize for the quality. We tried to compress it as much as we could so that it would play with less lag…eh…we tried.

    This video is also available in better quality with less or no lag from our website at http://www.basstv.com

    Thanks so much for coming by, and please be sure to leave us some love…we love the love. – The Bass Brothers

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