2009 Mother’s day Fishing

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7 Responses to “2009 Mother’s day Fishing”

  1. tu3erk1d says:

    the girl in the pink short is hot

  2. sofabike says:

    Hey qiushiM You are very smart
    How did you figured out about 15meters deep?

  3. ning2tube says:

    Dream will come true only when you think will come true :)

  4. qiushiM says:

    4 boats??? You guys are loaded. My dream is to own a yacht, but it seems my dream will never come true.

  5. sofabike says:

    Ok, Fishing sound exiting, but I preffer dinner at sea-food restaurants:)))))
    Water Sports Sonds exiting toooo:)))
    But this is not an exuse to keep You out of diving:)))

    We Misss You, we Love You.
    We want to see You underwater

  6. ning2tube says:

    We have four boats. :) My mom and I have water sports and fishing biz. :)

  7. sofabike says:

    ***** I’ve got hungry for a sea-food dinner:)))
    Ok,ok dinner may wait:))
    Whats about diving ? Coming SOON:)))

    Well N2, at least you’ve got on a boat:)

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