Angler Sticks Hook in Arm to Demonstrate Amazing Hook Removal Technique

Billy Chapman of Angler’s Inn International actually sticks a fish hook in his arm so that he can demonstrate an incredibly effective method for removing a fish hook from flesh.

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25 Responses to “Angler Sticks Hook in Arm to Demonstrate Amazing Hook Removal Technique”

  1. jonnyspeed says:

    @Ronaldddavis – I see. That makes sense. Thanks.

  2. Ronaldddavis says:

    @jonnyspeed – no – it does not pull out a chunk of skin. There is an important point that he forgets to verbalize. They do mention it in a note at the top of the screen at 2:43 in the video. Notice that he is pushing down on the hook eye. That rotates the hook point down and “levels out” the barb. When you pop it, the barb point is level / parallel to the original entry wound so it does not grab a new chunk of flesh on the way out. The barb exits through the orignal entry hole.

  3. arkansasfisherman says:

    one of my friends got a hook in his thumb touching the bone we thought for a few minuets on how to get it out so we desided that somehow burning would be the best…but thank god we didnt do that so he just yanked it a few times. came right out. he cryed

  4. jonnyspeed says:

    So it does pull out a chunk of flesh though right? The barb is still in there. I suppose if you can’t get the hook all the way through this is a good method. I would prefer to cut the embedded hook and push it through if possible.

  5. TeamRippnLipz1 says:

    Thanks for showing people this. I have used & showed this to a few friends

  6. TeamRippnLipz1 says:

    @tristancooper1997 Not as painful as you think. Looks worse than it is

  7. DutchRodent says:

    what the?! .. what im like.. uhm,, why did you put that hook in your arm? xD

  8. chrislegend06 says:

    omg you call that a tip thats retarded and plain obvious just yank it god dang

  9. tristancooper1997 says:

    r u dumb lol y would u do that??

  10. kikimaracas says:


  11. samyadams1 says:

    impress me by not hooking yourself in the first place….there are plenty of techniques out there and have been for quite some time…hook that shit in your scrotum and try it…I would begin to be somewhat impressed…

  12. dejongbrett says:

    i used this method on my moms worked just like in the movies..glad i got to practice it on the cat first though..lmao

  13. den85730 says:


  14. URWAOC says:

    why the hell would you do that get a steak or something!

    “it hurts.. a little”

  15. JayemSoccer says:

    Great example!!!! Call me crazy but i tried it right after with a cheap crank bait and it works. Be sure to steralize the wound afterwards though its important!!! Thanks i love the show i hope the oil spill dont mess with the show though!!!!!!!

  16. rad00068 says:


  17. ab1210123 says:


  18. ggfish38 says:

    wow thats great!! ill use that next time.last time i had a hook in me i had just landed a 13 pound bass and he threw the hook which landed in my calf, it didnt help that when i steped away my best friend was standing on the line! the hook riped so deep that it was flat on my leg. we tryed to get it out with out sucsess. so i cut the other hook off and called my frends dad whos an er doc. i got to his house and he gave me a shot of lidacain and cut it out haha. always helps to know a doc. haha

  19. billabong909ajh says:

    MrKayak…..put the other line around your toes to pull on with your legs……….

  20. jiangson says:

    Whoa…i love it. I’ve never got a hook in me but now i know what to do when that happen ahha.

  21. fishinallyear says:

    nice vid mind checkin out my channel
    i just started today

  22. Kayak4Fish says:

    @jdoum1096 Sure, people just tend to get stuck with trebles more often so that is why we did the demo with one, showing the importance of cutting off the other hooks.

  23. jdoum1096 says:

    does this work with single hooks?

  24. Kayak4Fish says:

    Another thing that was demonstrated in this video but maybe not really stated is the importance to pushing down and forward on the hook. The really is the key to getting it to pop right out.

  25. Kayak4Fish says:

    It should be noted that you need to carry a pair of cutters strong enough to cut through large, strong hooks. Small bolt cutters or heavy line mans pliers will do it, your needle nose or dykes are often not strong enough.

    Jim Sammons

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