Basic Techniques of Bass Fishing

A basic guide to tackle and techniques for better Bass fishing. Learn how to fish the best lures, change line, eliminate backlash in bait casters and much more! Get your DVD at –
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25 Responses to “Basic Techniques of Bass Fishing”

  1. shootinshotguns says:

    all u bait caster fisher man help! im new to baitcasters and i have a question. it seems when ever i use a plastic my´╗┐ line doesnt rap around the reel very tight, which makes the line easer to dig into the spool because baitcasting reels have a horizontal spool, this never happens when im using a rapala or a spinner because there is always resistance on the line when retrieving so it stays nice and tight. help!!

  2. bdog22ify says:

    @koolevan01 yup

  3. edbassmaster says:

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  4. 0Gankz0 says:

    Sick Hat… So Pro

  5. madpotatopancake says:

    ur a futher mucker lol

  6. Senate5250 says:

    @TheScoobydude23 damn dude, is there any word that you can spell correctly? That little red line that you see under most of your words, means that you spelled it wrong. I know you’ll have some smart ass comment, but your showing your lack of intelligence, not mine.

  7. FazziBear5689 says:

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  8. Carbon657 says:

    That bass lines pretty good but i think its a little out of tuna

  9. Tarokozo says:

    @koolevan01 i did lol

  10. reed617 says:

    go check my channle to tell me what u want to know about fishing


    Excellent info!

  12. iTzMeThoDz says:

    For baitcasting if you get a backlash i have a good way to eliminate them … you know those annoying knots when your pulling your spool out of a backlash ? well when you get one just turn your drag all the way up .. press your thumb tight against that line and reel it in … it will pull that knot out !!

  13. TheScoobydude23 says:

    very very good video especialy for amutures and beginers

  14. badcat1324 says:

    Its like a knock off bill dance haha

  15. offhostproductions says:

    appreciate it

  16. 101fishguy says:

    check out my tacklebox vids :)

  17. ME16510 says:

    @koolevan01 yea you can hear it

  18. redscarf11 says:

    @koolevan01 i heard it

  19. pyxiefrog124 says:

    @koolevan01 yeah I do

  20. ultimatefighterispro says:

    there it is! the worlds famous PALLYOMEREO NAWT god that is rediculously annoying

  21. xkillerofthefuture says:

    how good r crank baits??????i just got 1 its bright yellow so i can use it at utah lake which is stained… good is it???

  22. helmsjared35 says:

    to huntingjunkie1234, yes, musrky and muddy water you do wanna go with you brighter colors, likechartreuse on your crankbaits, spinnerbaits, ect. soft plastics wanna go with dark colors to throw a better sillouettte. Your natural clors are gonna be for clearer water when you cant afford for your bait to look unnatural. But murky water, the bass aint gonna get that good of a look at your bait.

  23. DreamsofMajesty says:

    scribd (dot) com/nb812

  24. Guy23HD says:

    If you run your line on in the right direction you can fill it up pretty good and it shouldn’t tangle. also need to consider the type on line you put on mono. line has more memory and tangels more try some florcarbon line you might have more luck with it. well anyway I agree with you for the most part I wouldn’t fill it to the very edge of the spool, but i wouldn’t do that with any reel. however dont be afraid to feel that line up on there.

  25. Huntingjunkie1234 says:

    wow this guy is an idiot,1 u dont fill a spinning reel all the way up thats what causes it to get all tangled,and 2 u dont use bright colors in murky water,u start with natural colors like grren pumpkin

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