bass fishing?

Question by dan b: bass fishing?
I am newcomer to the bass fishing scene and i would like to know some good lures weather it be crank/spinner/jig anything. What have you caught a big bass on?

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Answer by dcrc93
my son uses rooster tails.should see some of his big ones.and he usally always get in a boat

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  1. LittleBarb says:

    I have caught 3 and 4 pound bass using NOTHING but a nice big juicy NIGHT CRAWLER…!!!!!! I’m a very simple fishing woman who uses real crawfish (crabs) and night crawlers to fish rather then using lures…Last year I caught maybe 8 large mouths that were over 3 pounds all on crawlers.

  2. jeffro601 says:

    I recomend using jerkbaits that resemble smaller bass because big bass eat smaller bass all the time so the colors should be green/silver for best results

    Also fish with plastic worms preferably the color pumpkin or watermelon i recomend zoom brand finesse pumpkin for best and biggest catches (Yes my largest bass at 16 lbs was caught on a finesse pumpkin)

    At night try to use darker colors that will usually trigger a giant bass to aggresively bite the worm or cause a bowfin to eat it and yes you will have so much fun reeling in th monsters know as bowfins they are quite the challenge

    Try fishing next to objects and fallen trees and vegetation with spinner baits the blades should be willow and silver never used colored blades and the bait on the spinner should be orange or yellow/green to immitate a sunfish or another smaller bass

    Good luck with the bruisers

  3. Injun says:

    If just starting out get yourself a spinner bait in chartreuse a topwater frog by snagproof and start with these easy to use lures.If you want to try use a pre-rigged worm by K&E or a Kellys worm and make sure to use a swivel with them!

  4. sexy bass fisherman says:

    To start out with, get a k&e weedless bass stopper. This is what i started out with and still use. They work great. You can get them at any tackle shop or even meijer or wal-mart

    good luck!

  5. Addicted2Fishing says:

    I got 2 incredinly dependable lures for you my friend…try using 4 inch renegade black plastic worms and yellow mini-king spinnerbaits…I promise that 1 of these will catch you the biggest bass of your life. use the spinnerbait under brider and in heavy cover (sticks, fallen trees, edges of rocks, etc) and use the worm in clear lakes (let it sit and give it some tapping action) and in rivers (let it casually float down the stream…I’m sure every1 who answered here knows reliable lures but the ones I mentioned are a lock to catch something nice…hope I can help and if you have any ?’s just email me anytime.

    p.s. this is a fish I caught on one of my renegade soft plastics

  6. msshadrap says:

    my biggest largemouth i ever caught using a jointed rapala.
    try using soft plastics,bass can’t resist!

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