Bass Fishing Anyone

Bass Fishing Anyone
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Kevin came down to try to get some video footage catching bass on the bite light lure. When we talked on the phone about setting up a day, Kevin had asked for two days to play it safe, since he had tried once before on Lake Fork, but a cold front had rolled through and the bite had disappeared for them. I had assured Kevin we were having great weather and there would be no problem accomplishing what he was looking to do. But we still set aside two days for him. When Kevin arrived at our meeting place, which for this day was Johns Lake, you could not have asked for better weather. Air temperature was perfect, just a little cool to start the day off. We headed to our first spot and Kevin instantly started catching bass on the bite light lure which was a lot like the rattle trap. Am I a believer yet? No I am not, catching a few bass in this area is usually easy as they do like to school up in this area at times. We moved to our second spot and Kevin switched to the crank bait version of the bite light lure. Water was very calm, and no signs of life around, we did not even see any bait fish on the graph. Kevin started out reeling a little too fast so I signaled for him to slow down his retrieve a little bit, and BAM it was game on, as he boated two quality bass in a short period of time. The end result was a good number of bass being caught on a lure that I must admit I was pretty skeptical about, but they did end up performing pretty good. The bass today that were caught
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Bass Fishing Anyone”

  1. TheMariusbrasov says:

    snake is the best

  2. njcandoit says:

    This guy is actualy prety good. But he sure is funny too.

  3. edugonzales001 says:

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  4. MrDonnyboy420 says:

    @TheGenofan7 you are a fucking idiot

  5. TheGenofan7 says:

    This is fake as it gets

  6. sindreforfaen says:


  7. iTzzEuphoriaaaaaa says:

    Bill Dance is fuckin awesome … id love to go bass fishin with him one day !!

  8. viss3n says:

    “ain’t this a fine houdi dou!”

  9. SanaCwals says:

    this sucks

  10. mycurse333 says:

    LOL @ 0:44 ive done that my self didnt break my pole tho got lucky it looks like

  11. Asharpshooter96 says:

    @kp98fisher hahahaha this looks like us our dads and papa

  12. kp98fisher says:

    haha looks like me

  13. runescapepowner1 says:


  14. planeman1965 says:

    Was Bill dance a real fisherman are just a clown. He has more funny video’s then any other fisherman. Maybe bad luck just follows him around

  15. MrRchcmpbll says:

    Bill Dance your something else it could only happen to you lol

  16. airhunter100 says:

    haha what a bum

  17. 101fishguy says:

    check ma tackle box vids :)

  18. shift808 says:

    Fake or not it’s somewhat refreshing to the avid fisherman to watch these videos and say to themselves; “Yep, I’ve been there before”.

  19. palmer3977 says:

    is he real or what? they must be set up!

  20. boyvsfish says:

    plzzz delete the boyvsdick vid i will do anything for u

  21. boyvsfish says:

    plz delete the boyvsdick vid i will do anything for you

  22. BassAnglerMike33 says:

    LOL i still do it haha

  23. DreamsofMajesty says:

    scribd (dot) com/nb812

  24. fishingboyz23 says:

    nice check out my videos and comment plz

  25. nef533 says:

    when you have been doing it as well as he has for as long as he has you are bound to have a lot of funny outtakes.

  26. em84009 says:

    “stay down” is good tip. Get it!

  27. BBR721GT says:

    whats the deal with the spinnin rods

  28. FishingThePNW says:

    nice video! i’ve had a bass hit my lure as soon as it hit the water once before and it totally caught me off guard 😛

  29. philly442 says:

    you should use a baitcaster

  30. lyfeDAP says:

    good bass, i fish that lake 24/7 an its actually in wintergarden not quiet clermont. i fish the same spots as yall did in the video and catch a good ammount too. you should fish the back of teh lake near the turnpike, theres a drop off from 5 to 11 feet its great fishin

  31. TheDragonfreak101 says:

    youneed to slow down on realing it in peolple loose alot of fish like that

  32. bmxflyfish says:

    What kind of tackle was that?

  33. llamaboy10 says:

    Florida. The happiest place on Earth for Disney and bass.

  34. xraidedlok says:

    good vidoe

  35. philly442 says:

    man that was quick nice catch bud!

  36. abranmoya00 says:

    that is crazy man i did not belive that those bite light crank baits work im off to buy me a kit

  37. stud4life12 says:

    where is clairmont. im from clearwater. how long a drive

  38. FloridaBassin says:

    The lake is Johns Lake, in clermont florida

  39. WereAllThatBored says:

    That lake looks awesome. Is that in FL?

  40. BassTV says:

    Fast and furious fishing! Great catches and video!

  41. plywood75 says:

    the best video i have ever seen. its raining out right now and would love to be out there right now. thanks for sharing

  42. Prosurfcasting says:

    Hey nice i like your tecnica.

  43. gdayskater says:

    depends on the lake and bite i live in whitby and go to lake canal and there worm fishes but it depends on lake and bite

  44. fspacerc1 says:

    it all depends where ur throwin em … but if you know what ur doing they can be more effective.

  45. jaznjei says:

    are the plastic worms as effective as the crankbaits. please let me know im sorta new to the fishing thing.

  46. lilpychman0909 says:

    nice bass…what lake r u fishing on..

  47. kustomcougar says:

    your gay

  48. AdeptAngling says:

    Good job Man, Nice Bass, nice Video nice job with the editing. Very quick straight to the point bASS woopen!

  49. DiscountAnna says:

    I got banned from a golf course cos I was fishing for bass, between my friend and i (sharing fishing rod) we got 10 in an hour and a half. oh when u release bass u should try hold them by the mouth (belly towrd you) just revive it a bit and let go, it does a little “backflip” thing!

  50. BTracker96 says:

    There was nothing wrong with the way he released those fish. You guys think that dropping them from a distance hurts the fish..Well it doesn’t, it actually wakes them up a little and gets them going.

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