Bass Fishing at Prospect Park, NYC

Caught a 18″ largemouth bass at Prospect Park Lake, May 2003. The rod was unattended while going to pee and was almost pulled into the water.

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12 Responses to “Bass Fishing at Prospect Park, NYC”

  1. pUNjAbiFlow23 says:

    lmao..i think this guy was pissing when he suddenly ran saying the end he zips

  2. ROBM1093 says:

    I think he took it

  3. flurbsmcgurgs says:

    using wat?

  4. akrivosdiavolos73 says:

    nice catch..

    BUT this is what you should do
    1. CATCH
    2.Photo/pic/observe briefly
    3. Relase IMMEDIATELY back into the water…

  5. standupbaits says:

    Nothing like a good day fishing. nice fish

  6. simzboy123 says:

    denim warrior

  7. coolvid says:

    City fishing….at its finest. O.o

  8. Tastefulproductions says:

    0:45 OH MY GOOOOD!

  9. thadogga says:


  10. NasalObstruction says:

    someone better tell this dipshit to stop laying Bass down on the grass.

  11. rjsdaman2 says:

    18 inch…..notttt

  12. DaReelJLO says:

    VERY NICE! But wow, such an old video. Thanks for posting this! We need more Prospect Park Fishing videos!

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