Bass Fishing Friendly Shootout

It was time for a freidnly shootout. Somebody had planned this and me and nick jump in to paticipate at out home ponds. We had met up with a fellow fishermen we met while back. It was Nate and his brother. We decided to fish around each, there was ton of fish, some were easy to catch while some were just plain frustrating. Nick gets a fish very funny thing(if you guys can figure what he used, you want believe it) Nate and his brother were great fisherman, and gave me a lot of footage, we had lots of fun and we plan to do it again soon. Nick would have had a weight of 4lbs 14 oz but lost his lure to a fish. He ended up getting the fish the next day(same one) weighing 3lbs 4 oz on a spro mcstick. Me and Noah(nates brother) got 4 fish each but it was NAte who killed us with only 2 fish, he caught the ones with some weight on them. Nate’s last fish didnt count towards the shootout but i was still cool and it was the biggest fish of the day.

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16 Responses to “Bass Fishing Friendly Shootout”

  1. bluegillmaniac657 says:

    Hey guys the nonameavailableuser thinks he’s the next superman of being a fadget lol. Almost like someone that funds him is pushing him into a being a fucking loser with no life….KInd of Sad )=

  2. nonameavailableuser says:

    He thinks he’s the next superman of bass fishing lol. Almost like someone that funds him is pushing him into it. Kind of sad.

  3. seanlcoggins says:

    hey man aw esome video. i just moved to the area and have only found the perk ponds over off colemen. i was wondering if you mind telling me where this is? if not i totally understand

  4. TheAnglingChannel says:


  5. bassaholic95 says:

    i wish the water around here was that beautiful

  6. bluegillmaniac657 says:

    @brytedarkness im sorry i didnt really see this comment…all i can let you know is that this is the almaden valley area…when you look around you’ll know where to go. GOOD LUCK!

  7. bluegillmaniac657 says:

    @MIGUELCARDOSO818 look at the comment above…..

  8. MIGUELCARDOSO818 says:


  9. rmacfizzle says:

    hey where is this?!

  10. TheEliteFisherMan says:

    Awesome video!!!! Water is an amazing colour.. so beautiful!!
    5 star man!
    Nice bass!

  11. ncbassman2010 says:

    nice..lets do this again!!!

  12. brytedarkness says:

    @bluegillmaniac657 oh ok ya i figured it was a chemical. thats cool though, as long as the fish are healthy. catch and relesase is the way to go anyway. nice channel btw.

    oh ya and what is pond called (i live in stockton)? if you dont want to say, i can respect that! tight lines

  13. bluegillmaniac657 says:

    @raplamaster03 thanks..won it at a raffle

  14. bluegillmaniac657 says:

    @brytedarkness its from the chemicals that the people put in to control the algae growth..This means that the water is contanminated..but it doesnt really effect the fish’s health and must people catch and relase meaning that most of the fish can grow and be big..only crzy people would take a fish home and eat it..

  15. brytedarkness says:

    ive seen a few of ur vids. so far good stuff. but i had a question…why is the water so blue? maybe im just too used to the DD lol

  16. raplamaster03 says:

    cool vid, like the abu garcia hat

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