Bass Fishing : How to Bass Fish With Plastic Worms

Plastic worms should be rigged so that they don’t slide up and down, because this can lead to false bites. Learn about using bobber stoppers when rigging plastic worms with help from a professional bass fisherman in this free video on bass fishing with plastic worms. Expert: Ron Colby Contact: Bio: Ron Colby is a professional bass fisherman, has qualified for the Bass Master Classic and has won two BASS Western Divisionals. Filmmaker: Mike Phillips

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25 Responses to “Bass Fishing : How to Bass Fish With Plastic Worms”

  1. Viperclan2 says:

    Thanks! I’m a girl and I love to fish! I’ve always had trouble trying to bait the fake worm, but now I’m great at it! Once, I caught a 5 foot catfish with one! Man, it was awesome!

  2. bilbobag111 says:

    Thanks! My biggest problem with a Texas rig is trying to get the worm straight. This helped a lot.

  3. megaminiman29 says:

    thanks! i am 14, and fishing is my life… i love to fish! i have been fishing since i was 4 and i love it! but i never figured out how to fishwith a rubber worm very well. this helped a lot. THANKS!

  4. theaxis2000 says:

    @GuitarApprentice360 ive caught halibut and calico bass texas rigging 4′ Kalin fliptail grubs plenty of times

  5. kicknbazz1615 says:

    You just dont know what your doing

  6. roosta1100 says:

    @CaneFu its called bass fishing

  7. GlLITClH says:

    @CaneFu they work for me big time man

  8. audeltorres14 says:

    you never catch any fish in your videos?

  9. wolfmanorfisherman says:

    @GuitarApprentice360 Well you can use it for atlantic croaker , sword fish, striped bass. ect….

  10. TheChivas03 says:

    thanks man just what i needed to know

  11. GuitarApprentice360 says:

    @wolfmanorfisherman for example???

  12. wolfmanorfisherman says:

    @GuitarApprentice360 yahhh depends on what your fishing for

  13. UNENCUMBERED1 says:

    dude they have hooks with the sinkers on them smart one

  14. iTzMeThoDz says:

    Lol at first i thought this was Gary Yamamoto cuz he had all that yamamoto gear on

  15. iTzMeThoDz says:

    The titles of these trails video are so off …

  16. GuitarApprentice360 says:

    does it work in saltwater??

  17. TeamRippnLipz1 says:

    Good tips for everyone

  18. petroFDR says:

    10ks man !!

  19. TEADRINKA says:

    @Haloreach96 alawys fucking happens :(

  20. TEADRINKA says:

    doesnt the split shot stop the action?

  21. fiske4ever says:

    can i have normal hooks to the plastic worms? im from swe so i dont speak that good english…

  22. wolfmanorfisherman says:

    @UARAF16 thank you so much man thank you youre aweswome

  23. UARAF16 says:

    @wolfmanorfisherman To be a good plastic fisherman, you need to get out fishing as often as possible using plastic worm baits and experience worming. With alot of practice, you begin to feel and know when to jerk the line to set the hook. When fishing with plastic worms, most strikes will occur when the worms falls back or when it hits the bottom during the retrieve. The strike will be a slight tap or peck, at which time the hook should be set
    I hope this helps!

  24. wolfmanorfisherman says:

    how do I know when i have a bite please help mee

  25. theactionkick says:

    thats a big worm compared to what most people use, I bet it catches big fish

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