Bass Fishing In Lake Okeechobee

Okeechobee is a Seminole Indian word meaning “great water cannot see other side”. An accurate reflection of its name, Lake Okeechobee is seven hundred and fifty square miles in area. It is the primary source of water for both household and agricultural purposes in South Florida, averaging seventeen feet in depth.

Lake Okeechobee, in Central Florida, is the most renowned bass fishing lake in the United States. For many years, Lake Okeechobee has produced the best large mouth bass, blue gill and speck fishing in the world. In addition, Lake Okeechobee is well known globally for its bass fishing. It is located northeast of Naples, approximately 100 miles away, and is ringed with tackle shops and other businesses that cater to fishermen. You can find rental boats, fishing gear and lodging to make your bass fishing trip more convenient and comfortable. To enjoy fine timeshare accommodations on your trip, please contact Mr. Chad Newbold.

Lake Okeechobee also means ‘big water’ to the Seminoles, it is the largest source of fresh water in the United States outside of the Great Lakes and it has the finest fishing renown. Much of the lake’s 730 square miles or 450,000 acres are hidden from view by dike, levee, or trees which screen the shore. A trip around the lake is roughly one hundred and fifty miles and its diameter is thirty miles.

Lake Okeechobee covers a seven hundred and thirty square mile area in Glades, Okeechobee, Martin, Palm Beach, and Hendry Counties, its average depth is nine feet and its deepest point is only seventeen feet. The lake is filled from from precipitation and water from the Kissimmee River which feeds into the lake. Historically, hydro pattern flowed southward over millions of acres.

The lake is located in the central portion of South Florida, north of the Everglades. Lake Okeechobee ties together the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts of Florida via the Port Mayaca Lock on the east coast and the Moore Haven Lock in the west. Please contact Chad Newbold, for a complete guide to Florida bass fishing and the finest accommodations.

Drainage canals are used to obtain water from the lake for farmland irrigation. Agricultural activities around the Lake Okeechobee area include cattle ranching, dairy farming, and crop production of sugarcane, winter vegetables, citrus, sod, sweet corn and rice.

Hoover Dike was built along the southern portion of the lake to stop flooding and provide irrigation for crop production. During the 1950’s, a system of canals, dikes, and pumping stations were built to supply water to the Everglades Agricultural Areas from Lake Okeechobee

Lake Okeechobee provides trips and tours all conducted by highly trained and efficient guides. They know the movement of the fish and their feeding patterns which gives you the best advantage over the fish and landing the lanker of a lifetime. Their friendly way and desire to help you make the most of your time on the lake is genuine. Whether you want to book a corporate trip, take a youngster fishing for the first time, or have special needs, they there to help.

Fishing at Lake Okeechobee for Bass from late fall to early spring is when Crappie and Bass Fishing at Lake Okeechobee is at its best. A successful outcome is often achieved when using many types of artificial lures. If your desire is to catch large mouth bass, fishing at Lake Okeechobee is probably your best choice.

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