Bass Fishing in Southern New Hampshire 2007

Slideshow of some decent fish caught over the summer of 2007 by Kyle Worth and Colin Reid.

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25 Responses to “Bass Fishing in Southern New Hampshire 2007”

  1. celt1cs505 says:

    @lilldog64 what part i got a lake house out on cow island and fish all the time

  2. celt1cs505 says:

    @bballstarkid4life i bwlive what u caught would have been called a fallfish i have caught many of theese around 4-6 ilbs

  3. drummer5o says:

    @jakeplayer23 looks ike a smmall red fis

  4. jakeplayer23 says:

    what type of fish is that at 1:04

  5. superc200 says:

    @bballstarkid4life i dont know what the correct term for that fish is but i know them as a roach,they are basically an overgrown shiner just like you said.

  6. dodgetruckn15 says:

    2:40-2:46 fucking nice smallie

  7. sweetness72rawr says:

    0:20 The greatest catch of the trip I believe! One thing I did notice was that about 75% of the bass in the vid was that they have been fanning their beds — look at the tails .. they’re shredded almost!

  8. flurbsmcgurgs says:

    great vig

  9. inrizspaxoxo says:

    that is the smallest bass ever 0:19

  10. kamilfishes says:

    it might be a shad

  11. bballstarkid4life says:

    hey im an angler from Nh and i cought this really weird fish it looked like an over sized shiner like a white bass but it was at least 18 ich… and at least 5 lbs idk i have bad guessture but im from the lamprey river district so yeah

  12. fishforthebigone says:

    very nice catches

  13. nathano55 says:

    you caught some chubs too! the merrimack river has a lot of those.

  14. Hester2318 says:

    wow nice fish can u watch my video on comment on mine on how u liked it and rate it just type in or click on my user name and its the only one

  15. kyleworth says:

    Yeah, most of the smallmouth were caught in the Merrimack in Concord and Boscawen on blake/blue flake senkos and swim baits. Check back in a week or two and ive got an updated slideshow of this years catches. Much much better

  16. letsgetiton91 says:

    Wow, you cuaght some nice smallmouth! Were those from the merrimack river?

  17. fosterjordan18 says:

    hey cuz nice video


  18. xskierx101 says:

    what lakes r u fishing in nh?…i live in nthrn nh. biggest bass was a 6lb largemouth.

  19. fenway2424 says:

    nice fishing and good song

  20. kyleworth says:

    The majority of the bigger largemouth were caught on black with blue flake or pumpkin seed colored yamaoto senko worms near cover. Many others on other soft plastics, spinners, and top waters as well.

  21. shimy1221 says:

    Nice bass….what do you generally use to catch largemouth?

  22. kyleworth says:

    Actually the biggest is 3.8 pounds. I would enjoy seeing some pictures of these bigger fish that you and your BROS catch in Nashua. Acurate digital scales are a much better way of measuring how big a fish is, rather than using your personal judgement by the way.

  23. 8thedeval says:

    there not even big bass the biggest 1 is like 4 .5 me and my 4 bros caugght bigger fish in nashua than thaT

  24. lilldog64 says:

    i live on lake winni

  25. kyleworth says:

    The majority of the bigger fish were caught in the Merrimack River between Boscawen and Bow. The last few Largemouth were in Durham out of a river as well, and there were a few good size ones caught in pierce lake in hillsborough, long pond in henniker, and Winnipesaukee.

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