Bass Fishing in Southern New Hampshire 2008

Slideshow of some bass caught in the summer & fall of 2008 in central/southern New Hampshire by Kyle Worth and Colin Reid with appearances from Ryan Low, Paul Chergey, Sean McManus and Tessa Shea.

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23 Responses to “Bass Fishing in Southern New Hampshire 2008”

  1. kyleworth says:

    @sycobassman Yeah, we have fished it before but not many times. If you have a larger bass boat it is perfect for catching largemouth and smallmouth. Give it a try if you never have before

  2. sycobassman says:

    have you guys ever fish lake winnipesaukee up in New Hampshire?

  3. girlrictakrux says:

    my freind dillon caught an 18 inch bass 2 days ago

  4. 2889joeracer says:

    @kyleworth it got obvious towards the end there im like uhh wow.. wow.. WOW

  5. kyleworth says:

    yeah i did

  6. 2889joeracer says:

    ah did you put the pictures in order from small to large on purpose? haha nice fish

  7. inrizspaxoxo says:

    coo thanks

  8. kyleworth says:

    We use different baits and techniques depending on time of day, temperature, time of year and kind of water we are fishing in. We only use lures, no live bait, so its always casting it out and reel it in.

  9. inrizspaxoxo says:

    what is your main bait u use and do u leave it in the water or reel it in and keep casting it?

  10. kyleworth says:

    If your fishing in southern NH its hard to beat senkos pretty much any time of the year and spinnerbaits are always effective until the water gets real cold. I have never used a sinker slashbait

  11. bballstarkid4life says:

    would you reccomend sinker slashbait? (rapala)? im also a fisherman from S.N.H i go fishing over at tewksburry or however u spell it and i catch some nice pikrel over there

  12. fishforthebigone says:

    my cousins live in the bow area, nice catches those are some good fish

  13. nater121212 says:

    nice… ya it looked quite a bit bigger than the ones before..we’ve been having pretty good results using the baby bass “fluke”from zoom..good luck 2 you..

  14. kyleworth says:

    The one at 2:46 was caught in Plymouth NH on a black power worm, but we did not have our scale on us at the time. Estimated at 5.5-6 pounds because it was far bigger than a few of the bass shown before it in the slide show, which were weighed at over 4 pounds each.

  15. nater121212 says:

    sorry 246 mark not 244 thx

  16. nater121212 says:

    very nice…do you remember the weight of the one at the 2:44 mark looked like a pig.I live a little north of where your fishing but pretty much the same results (Lake Sunapee area)there are some hogs out there!!!

  17. vietvetwife1 says:

    I live in S. N.H. too… my son sent me your video. Nice fish !!

  18. TheBassBros says:

    how did you break your arm?
    and do you guys fish saco?

  19. NKensey says:

    Hey Kyle,
    Thats alot of bass! I do a ton of fishing in the same areas. I graduated from Bow High in 2002 and recognized your buddies Paul Chergey and Ryan Low . If your interested in doing any tournament fishing at all or wanted to go share some fishing knowledge on the lake soon let me know.

    C# 731-0976
    ~Nick Kensey~

  20. kyleworth says:

    Alot of buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, 7 inch power worms, and a few others baits.

  21. Hester2318 says:

    nice bass what were u useing for bait

  22. kyleworth says:

    Concord, Bow, a few from the Durham area, and some other scattered lakes throughout the central/southern part of the state.

  23. Wesuckatrb says:

    where at in new hampshire..

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