Bass Fishing Is A Tranquil Moment In Time

Bass fishing is a tranquil moment in time. Sit and spend leisurely time sitting and thinking about the next catch of the day. Catch a small mouth bass or a largemouth bass and have a great time doing it. All it takes is to know where the bass are.

Worms are wonderful bait to use to catch a small mouth bass. A worm can camouflage a number ten gang hook just fine. All the bass will see is a delicious wiggling worm that is taunting him to come and get it. Head for the nearest river and wade on in.

It is better to use fresh bait when fishing for largemouth bass. If buying worms pre-packed, take the time to re-pack them in fresh soil. The bass will more likely choose a fresh worm over a stale one any day. Test it out and see. In fact changing bait often is a good idea because largemouth bass can be pretty picky.

Sometimes they get pretty lazy too. They may drift with the current, or may move around a lot. Once their location is found be sure to check it often. Bass are more plentiful and available in warm weather they are not very sociable in cold weather.

Early in the mornings and late in the evenings is the best time to use top water bait. If the trophy bass is the prize that is sought, believe it or not but a plastic worm may just be the bait to use. Stranger things have happened especially with these strong minded persnickety fish.

Bass fishing presents some of the best times a fisherman can have. If a bass takes the bait, these fish put up a good fight. They are really tasty too and make for good eating. More enjoyable are the many bass fishing competitions for fisherman to enjoy and show off their skills.

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