Bass Fishing Jim’s Private Pond

We caught a lot of bass on this 5 acre pond. I didn’t shoot a lot of video. Most of them were 12-14″.

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25 Responses to “Bass Fishing Jim’s Private Pond”

  1. silentdreemz85 says:

    @chickengibletsftw You said it best bro, just imagine. i’d throw huge sunken boulders, stumps, ect. cut down some trees right into the water and make the ultimate bass fishing spot right in my back yard.

  2. HiWay69s says:

    that’s a stunted first bass

  3. l7ryanl7 says:

    nice pond man

  4. SNIPERxXOWNSXxmasn says:

    wow how rich r u holy crap haha

  5. pinkskull0674 says:

    hey new neighbor!!!!!!

  6. rangerbass519 says:

    that’s not true, the big bass population in california, where the waters rarely go below 72 dgrees, survives ONLY on trout.

  7. ScuderiaBirel says:

    seriously, stock small trout in that pond and your fish will get to 10 pounds or more

  8. tatesack says:


  9. jordanguillory says:

    its texas man waters way too warm to keep up a trout population.

  10. chickengibletsftw says:

    man i wish i had a pond



  12. jbonestoney2 says:

    beautiful place ,, everyman’s dream ,, i agree though feed them fish ,, theyll get alot bigger

  13. asianwannabeamerican says:

    If I only had $15-30 to spend, what lures or soft baits would you guys suggest for purchase? I’m going for mostly bass and panfish. Anything that can catch multiple species actually. Any help?

  14. metallicafan25285 says:

    daang he must be one happy dude

  15. tx514john says:

    Beautiful pond!

  16. im2hi4u14 says:

    i wanna fish, hey you ever thought about feeding them bass.

  17. irwinc50 says:

    wow what a nice setup!!! every mans dream

  18. Madland4932 says:

    wow that’s such a nice lookin pond!

  19. Beckstar1221 says:

    man what a dream does he need a farm hand for free.. hard 2 find in jersey we call that a lake not a pond

  20. cantcatchme99 says:

    warm texas+ beautiful private pond+ nice log cabin= heaven

  21. HandsAreForRipping says:

    Beautiful place. Nice place to retreat

  22. KeeneSoccerClub says:

    nice pond clean.

  23. basscatfishing says:

    good video one of best ive seen

  24. XxKnarnitaxX says:

    thats nice place to lay down in the grass and look in to the sky

  25. howfrom3 says:

    3:10 – dint that bass you threw back get eaten by another bass? the splash scared the crap out of me lol.

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