Bass Fishing Software


Fishmate – Want to know the Major and Minor Feeding Times, Moon Phase and Weather Forecast for any location you’re planning on fishing? This is the ultimate iPhone App for all anglers!


Fish&Log Smart anglers who want to record their catches in an easy to use program that allows them to also include photos and sounds of their catch!

Fishing CalendarFishing Calendar gives the Fisherman information that can be used to select the best days and times to go fishing.  The best days are displayed on the calendar and relevant information about best times is provided for each day.  Simply moving the mouse cursor over the desired date provides astronomical information about the sun and moon.  Other features include a monthly display of data in a table format, a monthly display that can be printed and a monthly display of special lunar events.


The Fishing Log – will allow you to quickly capture over 60 preset items to describe your day on the water. There are several areas for notes for those personal descriptions. You’ll be able to quickly search and review all your logged events that will help you catch more fish the next time out.