Bass Fishing Sweeping Method

Join me on a little outing where I catch bass in a most unconventional way. I call it ‘Sweeping’ and in this episode of ‘Another Walk with Mike’ you’ll discover how exciting this method can be. I came up with the technique after having bass hit my buzz bait just as I was pulling it out of the water. Finally, after one such strike I pushed my pole back in the water and Bam! A method was born. Similiar to doodlesocking or jigger pole fishing, sweeping is best done from a kayak. Watch my video and see for yourself. It is as exciting as it can be. Also, enjoy my other wildlife walks and nature tour videos.
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25 Responses to “Bass Fishing Sweeping Method”

  1. jvanoort1 says:

    Dude that is an awesome video! I’m going to do that off the end of docks!!

  2. danieldtanggmail says:

    You call that fishing you might as well but the bait in you hand and sweep it back and forth

  3. townhouse1 says:

    thats not fishing -.- why dont you just put a net in the water and keep paddleing foward

  4. thesouthrim says:

    I’ll bet it was when the the males are guarding their eggs in the late spring? The males fan their eggs for a short period after the spawning season and become very protective of their brood. This behavior may carry over to other seasons, I imagine. Provocation by a disturbance above a “firm bottom with weedy cover” between March and June could bring such a reaction from a fanning male. My deduction is that most of the largemouths caught this way are males.

  5. chevynatoor says:

    @IIIIJumpMan WOW!!! where do you fish? cuz the lakes I go fishing are overfished, Bill dance couldnt catch´╗┐ a bluegill there

  6. chevynatoor says:

    yeah buddy rolling like a bigshot chevy tune up like a nascar pitstop yeah

  7. etphonehomeize says:

    i no right

  8. etphonehomeize says:

    i no right

  9. cott10r says:

    wow, im open for anything. il give iy a try this weekend

  10. freewill51 says:

    So you just piss off the little fish? Make them bite and then say you invented something that everyone has been doing for years to get the grass off of a lure?

  11. yeroc1337 says:

    i find moss that spreads from shore to about 5-10 feet out. i cast on the moss. i pop a fake minnow or jitter bait depending on what type of bass i want and the size. i pull the bait to where its perfectly straight down on my line with about 4 feet of line out and just pop the bait about 1/2 inch up and down and dont let it get off the water. the bass smash it and never stop. I found out to do this when i would pull in a bait and get stuck on moss and they would destroy the bait as i unstuck it

  12. wallpaperkilla says:

    @Zballin13 yea this is bullshit. it’s not fishing

  13. fishing101bass says:

    preety cool

  14. fishing101bass says:


  15. ParisDaniell says:

    Love the top water bite – definitely an unconventional method though. Try a Hatcam maybe for filming – I float tube and find it the best method for hands free filming. Fish on!

  16. caliburn0911 says:

    ..i went fisihing yesterday and about 4 fishes died because they ate the hook in their stomach and it was hack to take it out

  17. Zballin13 says:

    how in the hell is that supposed to be fun?

  18. ryanmrosa says:

    Please visit

  19. 11louisse says:

    thats sick, a good way to get them out of the grimy crap on a really hot day without having to flip the jig.
    thanks for the vid

  20. xxBradlyMyersxx says:

    i swearto god u look just like Rob Dyrdek

  21. youngassain12 says:

    how deep does the water has 2 be for this to work

  22. Clearie552 says:

    cool I’ll have to try this next time.

  23. TheBombBros says:

    i know this method may catch fish, but it just doesnt seem sporty. i wouldnt be as proud catching a lb bass like this as i would in the conventional fishing method. theres no fight with the fish. its a neat method, but its not for me.

  24. clewi1091 says:

    @mikecatadjuster Why cant you fish right now? Are you hurt?

  25. mikecatadjuster says:

    @iluvhaters45 You’d be surprised how many times I’ve been blown up on after my bait has been in the vicinity repeatedly. It aggravates the bass. They look up and finally say, ;I know I can nail this bastard’. I’ve fished shore lines and gone back afterward with this method and succeeded where regular casting hasn’t.

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