Bass Fishing Techniques

Fishing is a thinking person’s pursuit. No matter whether you fish for a hobby, as a sport or for a living, you have to be able to outfox the fish you are searching for. Not just that, but unlike most hunters, you cannot see your quarry. You have to work out where it is likely to be and what it is likely to do.

Anglers normally fish alone, so it is not surprising that every angler has a couple of of his or own personal methods and preferences. This goes for any type of fishing, but it is particularly a fact of some fish. This usually means the big and the clever (well, for fish) species. One of these clever varieties is the bass.

Bass fishing techniques vary with regard to a number of circumstances including temperature, season and sort of water and coast line – whether you are fishing fresh or salt water.

If you are fishing for bass off a boat, then you are almost certainly fishing in deeper water, because bass swim in deeper water when it is cold, so make certain that you have all the safety gear and that you know how to use it. Furthermore, you must be aware of your country’s or state’s legal requirements.

For example, if you take people out with you, you might have legal responsibilities or there may be seasons when you may and may not fish. These very from area to region and have to do with spawning and maintaining the levels of stock.

Bass specialists have their own techniques, as was mentioned above, but a great deal of bass fishermen recommend fishing at night. This is not a bad notion as there is less likelihood of getting your line snagged up with others, especially if you are fishing off a rock or the shore.

Fishing for bass at night is not a bad technique for other reasons as well. Although there are diverse kinds of bass, most of them are shy and cautious, so if they reckon that the water is too clear, they may decide to bottom feed. This is one of the areas where local knowledge and skill plays a big role.

Bass are careful predators and also a little lazy They prefer to hide themselves somewhere and wait for their prey to pass close by. Therefore, a rocky shoreline is ideal bass fishing territory in the summer months when the bass swim and hunt closer to the surface. In the winter, you will have to fish the bottom water where it is somewhat warmer.

Whilst bottom fishing, bass will be searching for small fish and sand worms, whereas in the summer they are feeding on the top and will not expect to find any worms. Then they will be looking for small fish and insects that have dropped into the water, like flies. Bass are meat eaters, so berries, seeds and bread should not be of much use, but hey, not all fish behave like the text books say that they ought to!

The thing to bear in mind is that local conditions count and although fishing with a rod and line is necessarily a solitary and quiet sport, especially in fresh water, fishermen love to socialize afterwards and pass on their expertise. So, if you are having trouble with catching the fish you are searching for, join a local anglers’ club and mix with the experts.

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