Bass Fishing – The Rising New Sport?

Once a necessity action for putting food on the table, who would have really thought that bass fishing could evolved into a thousand dollars competition featured in popular national sports channel? Many scoffed at this idea, but the overwhelming appeal from the mass for bass fishing have prompted many to consider watching, and even joining this sports! Because after all, how hard can fishing be?

Bass fishing is a different sport because you will be competing with yourself, as you literally are blind when it comes to your opponent. You do not know exactly where you other competitors are hiding, or fishing for that matter, and just imagine the excitement for the uncertainty of results; you have no bars to crosscheck, and no standards to follow except for surpassing your own. As with any other form of gathering, you’ll need to know the exact location of your target, in this case bass fishes before you can even think about luring them right into your bucket!

One of the most common mistakes committed is to think that all lures are essentially the same, when they are in fact very different from one another! This is exactly what singles out an individual who wins the competition or someone who just fish enough for dinner tonight. Understanding the usage of different lures in different scenario is the very first step you need to fish, and to eventually win the competition.

After your basic gear setup, you’ll need some specific set of casting skills because bass tends to lump and congregate in difficult areas such as fallen logs, cover in the water. Being able to aim and cast to a specific area is a skill easy to learn but difficult to master.

That said, even casting in clear open water will need more than just normal casting, as what it does is that it will startle and scare the fishes away, being how unnatural the lure looks to them. Instead what you need to do is to cast further away and slowly reel the lure back into the school of fish that you intend to catch, as this will appear more natural in the eye of your prey. Overall, there are much more to master in this sport than it appears.

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