Bass Fishing Tips – Drop Shotting in Deep Water –

Drop shotting

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  1. flipsk828 says:

    @smileyj206 how do you deflate it?

  2. smileyj206 says:

    @smileyj206 . Probably don’t need a swivel however is you’re drop shotting shallow.

  3. smileyj206 says:

    @FishboiFishboi . Yes. Absolutely.

  4. FishboiFishboi says:

    can this technique be applied to deep water weeded areas??

  5. Bass1ism says:

    ***chances are there Not

  6. Bass1ism says:

    I think its a confidence thing for Weight size for vertical drop shoting… If the fish are up off the bottom(suspended) i use sometimes 3/16sor 1/8th or… if its cold the fish are larthargic there not going to be moveing alot on the bottom so you dont need a heavy weight and if you mark fish on the bottom chances are there going to be moveing far anyway largest weight i go to is 1/4oz but its a Confidence thing. Good Vid

  7. smileyj206 says:

    Yep. If you release the fish right away then it will go back down w/o any issues. If you livewell the fish, then you’ll need to deflate it.

  8. n4sir804 says:

    catching fish 30-60 feet deep..doesnt that cause problems with the fish with its bladder or something?

  9. smileyj206 says:

    Light braid is really good for this application. Fluoro leader is ideal. Most guys I know use a double uni knot. Pretty easy to tie too…look it up online. Good luck partner and thanks for the question.

  10. nickthoj says:

    do you recommend, using braid and leading with flourocarbon? which knot is best?

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