Big Bass Bonanza

To buy any of our DVDs click here: Please visit for more info. On a cold, windy Spring day, Al Lindner and Dave Csanda go fishing all day for some Big Bass – Largemouth and Smallmouth. Using different presentations, strategies and lures they just haul them in. Understanding the fish you fish for is key.

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15 Responses to “Big Bass Bonanza”

  1. suefeng1 says:

    i have one of those one of the best rods i ever used super sensative to

  2. Drewstorm says:

    @jedimindhits Bass Pro Shops offers a great selection of <$100 rods (I have three of them). I like their Crankin Stik which is designed for Crankbaits but works well with other lures as well.

  3. dblitzc says:

    What brand was that fish finder?

  4. TheBassboy00 says:

    if the conditions are that bad why fish? i mean i know that they hadn’t anticipated that a cold front would come through but still.

  5. MrDual22 says:

    am ready to go fishing for bass

  6. BassAnglerMike33 says:

    @jedimindhits try a shimano convergence medium heavy, best rod ive ever had, 50-60 dollars

  7. jedimindhits says:

    I’m looking for a new casting rod. I target largemouth and can’t spend more than $100. Any suggestions?

  8. thumpa09 says:

    what lake is this

  9. SteeZins6 says:

    nah man i saw a couple 6-7 pounders.

  10. Digems6464 says:

    yea i live on lake simcoe….the bass are harder to catch their but worth it when u do

  11. IBG67 says:

    Did he say God damn at 1:08 or Got it, dan! (Sura)

  12. MPDEXP says:

    are those large or smallmouth

  13. startup0 says:

    big bass? the biggest there is maybe 5 pounds the rest maybe 3, lake simcoe holds 6 plus smallmouth and i can land atleast a couple every outing

  14. rogerbelk says:

    Great vid come fish Texas with me

  15. tulsa4life says:

    super instructions! thanks

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