Bobber Fishing 101 – Bobber WIth A Brain, Successful, Proven system!

The Bobber With A Brain fishing bobber explained by the inventor. Just think fishing off bottom every cast. This product holds your baits away from Bottom debris EVERY CAST! You know when you cast your baits are ready and perfect position for the best fishing! EVERY CAST! Who else can say that? Check out the website! Just amazing how Bass grab that hanging bait ad run! Also works perfect for Walleye, Panfish, Koi – Carp, Muskie, perch, anything that wants to eat! :o) Check the site or call 800-480-4216 for customer and store ordering. Hey, Call Frank, tell him you seen it here!

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18 Responses to “Bobber Fishing 101 – Bobber WIth A Brain, Successful, Proven system!”

  1. zczaldy says:

    @AndrewEldritch = I agree very good selling point making jobs in 5 states while making something fun and useful. Pretty cool.

  2. trilly216 says:

    @BigTentackle Thanks for the quick response, I will give that a try. I was casting from the side so maybe your tip will work.

  3. yurifiero says:

    How deep of water can you use this in?

  4. BigTentackle says:


    Basically we cast over hand, Put about 1 foot of line out from rod tip to the bobber and then cast over hand. At the top of the cast, let her fly. This should keep things alot tighter on the cast. Also it is ok to reel a little and open the rod, to let the line out. Try it and let me know how it works now. -Roy M Big Ten Tackle

  5. trilly216 says:

    i have been recently using this product and my issue is that i use heavy bait heavier baits cause i am using it to go after big cats, and when i cast out while my bait and bobber is in the air the bait goes way further out than the bobber, then when everything hits the water there is so much distance between bait and bobber i got a funny feeling the bait is all laying on the bottom way out while my bobber with a brain is around 5 feet away from shore

  6. AndrewEldritch says:

    The “made in america” part pretty much seals the deal.

  7. BigTentackle says:

    Would love to have a picture of it for the website! -Roy M BTT

  8. LakersFreek24 says:

    this is an AMAZING product i purchased mine recently and caught my largest cat on it- 16 lbs! GREAT JOB!!

  9. mrwalleyeone says:

    mrwalleyeone here,,, this is a great ideal ,,,i am going to use this consept,,,all take care,,,mrwalleyeone

  10. mrwalleyeone says:

    mrwalleyeone here this is a great ideal for walleye fishing in deep water or shallow fishing ,,,i am going to use this bobber in my tournaments…take all, mrwalleyeone

  11. mrwalleyeone says:

    Hi this is mrwalleyeone here,,,this is a great ideal,,,for deep water walleye or shallow…i really want to try this bobber out,,,i can see by just looking at this system that it works !!!!!!!! take care mrwalleyeone

  12. BigTentackle says:


    The reason it doesn’t sink is because the Sinker is on the bottom. The fish usually take off straight across the water, so the bottom tilts. When they bite it wiggles and causes “waves” around the bobber on the surface. BETTER PULL! The bait is “hanging” in a 360 degrees open water postion. What fish would want it? It is a fun product.. Interactive,, -Roy M BTT

  13. Fishnwithjoe says:

    Seems like a great idea. How difficult is it to tell when the fish is biting because the bobber doesnt sink, or does it?
    5 stars.

  14. BigTentackle says:

    The wind doesn’t affect the BWAB. What happens is the BWAB stands up, straight. In wind or even a Jet Ski goes by, the bobber stays with a tight line from sinker to Bobber. When you have a “Fish On” the bobber tilts and moves along the top of the water., Can be seen easily, watch our videos on the website.

    Thanks for the question. -Roy M (Big Ten Tackle.)

  15. MatAce85 says:

    What i mean is on a windy day on Lake Winnebago, how can you tell if the bobber is down “fish on” or the wind keeping it down?

  16. BigTentackle says:

    The Sinker Anchors the Bobber With A Brain like a boat anchor. When the wind blows or a Jet Ski flies by, the bobber stays in the same spot. Check out the site for more info. -Roy M (Big Ten Tackle)

  17. MatAce85 says:

    What about Wind????

  18. Chad71174 says:

    Combine this with the instant fisherman and you’ll be winning tournaments in no time.

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