Buzzbait !! Shabbona Lake Bass Fishing on a hot summer day.

Bright sun at High Noon in the middle of the summer, get out a buzzbait and hit the windblown points and weedlines.

Ike hooks up with a big bass and then gets put in a difficult situation
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36 Responses to “Buzzbait !! Shabbona Lake Bass Fishing on a hot summer day.”

  1. thebassmaster90 says:

    To all you people who say he doesn’t set the hook, who cares? If you’re rigged right the bass will practically set themselves. Bassing isn’t about ripping the shit out of a fish’s lip. It’s about having fun and catching some fish, so who cares how you do it as long as you are catching.

  2. wwwspinnerbaitorg says:

    I was muskie fishing, and decided to take a break. Didn’t have any bass rods in the boat, so I used an 8 foot muskie rod !!!!

  3. neojoe55 says:

    wow you set cameras up on your boat? thats actually pretty cool if you got enough money. I usually only use buzzbaits in the morning and in the evening.

  4. aznboy712 says:

    don’t you have vids from Busse?

  5. slaytanic01 says:

    heres a hint, KEEP UR PLYERS IN UR POCKET

  6. dashit503 says:

    i once caught a sturgeon in a tributary with a white buzzbait.a group of em were trap in a small slough.

  7. dashit503 says:

    what do you like better personaly? chatterbaits or buzzbaits? anyways nice fish.

  8. mitchellgriffin01 says:

    this dude is lucky to catch anything, he doesn’t set the hook worth a flip

  9. mrbassfisherman says:

    Latley I’ve had good luck on rubber worms and Jitterbugs but in the fall I catch them on spinner baits.

  10. masterchiefer says:

    dude are you fishing that buzzbait witha flipping stick? crazy bastard..haha. oh, and “quigonsasquatch”.. you should try the “horny toad” by ZOOM if you like the buzzbait. Horny toad=best top water action ever… oh, and it’s weedless.

  11. quigonsasquatch says:

    I’ve been fihing for about 21 years now, and today, for the first time, I caught one on a buzz bait. Then, I caught another, and another, and another, and another. I think I’ve found my new favorite lure. Nice fish by the way.

  12. Aphablueforce says:


  13. arens65 says:

    @Aphablueforce queer

  14. deal4la says:

    great footage!!!!!

  15. OntarioBassFishing says:

    They get paid cuz no other sports professional can do what they do

  16. rbeauchaine2009 says:

    Mike is the Happy Gilmore of fishing! Never give up and good luck Mike!

  17. zimks says:

    God I like mike he is such a funny guy haha!!!

  18. Guitarazn28 says:

    @Adrian19Adrian19 u must suck at fishing

  19. saltyCracka3 says:

    @Adrian19Adrian19 so is football soccer hockey skating and EVERY single other sport so why should the get paid to play a game???

  20. rangerbass519 says:

    @Adrian19Adrian19 Dude you’re a fuckin slimeball!!! I’d consider it a total form of hypocrisy for you to call them useless humans…

  21. Aphablueforce says:

    Doucesbag. that why he can never beat KVD and SR. Spent less time being a fag and fish like how a pro should fish.

  22. choicekillschance says:

    awesome, he’s the happy gilmore of fishin’

  23. sgplayer1987 says:

    i live near smith mountain lake and idk why they have the elite series there its so disgusting its the nastiest lake ever

  24. BROPHYx896 says:

    wat a loooossseerrr. what poor sportsmanship. yeah he is a great angler but he needs to learn how to deal with himself, even till this day he does that stuff.

  25. iGETboredfast says:

    another crazy white boy

  26. runescapepowner1 says:

    nice 5 pounder

  27. msthomen says:

    Você é um otário, um palhaço depredador anbiental, um nervosinho precisando de macho seu babaca, pessoas como você deveriam ser banidas…. eu teria vergonha de colocar isso na rede, seu jeito de ser merece é desprezo otário…….. lamentavel!!!!!!!!

  28. msthomen says:

    Você é um otário, um palhaço depredador anbiental, um nervosinho precisando de macho seu babaca, pessoas como você deveriam ser banidas…. eu teria vergonha de colocar isso na rede, seu jeito de ser merece é desprezo otário…….. lamentavel!!!!!!!!

  29. 2889joeracer says:

    @t2w2e2b2b2 because hes the fu**ing man lol he shoudl use stronger line and get those fish off the bottom and he wouldnt have a problem lol. unlesss his bait required something otherwise. im sceptical that this happened but im not gonna say it didnt. i wasnt there. i love how you put the camera to the side when he said dont film this and then immediately returned to filming

  30. t2w2e2b2b2 says:

    it really was 3 seconds later, i shut my camera off because i thought he wasnt going to land it, and then it came unhung…i wouldnt make that up…why do you think everyone was cheering at the end?

  31. 2889joeracer says:

    3 seconds later? not even close. he lost a big fish end of story. he just caught another one in the same spot. did anyone else notince the fight was weak on the fish he landed in comparison?

  32. bigbake58 says:

    I was there in person it was funny

  33. philly442 says:

    everything a giant to him lol

  34. TheMartinMobile says:

    That would piss me off too.

  35. xXcam0manXx says:

    wow all that for that little ass bass fuck he could have horsed it in like nothing

  36. Monkeylover427 says:

    A few years ago, two parents went out for dinner. A few hours later, the babysitter was calling to ask if she could cover up the clown statue in the kids’ room, the father said,”Take the kids and get out of the house. We’ll call the police, we don’t have a clown statue.” The “clown statue” is really a killer that escaped from jail. If you don’t post this letter on to 10 videos tonight, the clown will be in your bed at 3:00 am with a chainsaw in his hand

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