Carp Fishing : Want to cast 160 yards? Part 3 Want to cast 160 yards? Join British Record casting champion Mark Hutchinson on the bank as he teaches a normal 100 yard caster how to hit the 160 mark he thought he’d never reach. No secrets – Everything revealed from tackle to technique.

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18 Responses to “Carp Fishing : Want to cast 160 yards? Part 3”

  1. carpingjosh95 says:

    @teck354 u wont be saying that wen ur finger is cut to the bone with thin rough braid

  2. carpingjosh95 says:

    @lauralexco also if your line has alot of twist in it sometimes when you cast the line can wrap around the tip or butt ring so make sure the line isnt twisted :]

  3. fishinbikindrinkin says:

    i reckon you are using a dodgy tape measure. 235 yards with an overhead thump cast. absolutely impossible

  4. CalmingWind says:

    these carp rods what do you feel the biggest fish you could catch i fish for flatheads cat fish here in az and wonder if they will hold up a 30lb plus cat

  5. zebady3 says:

    Why doesn’t this guy listen to and do what Mark says ?? He doesn’t change his casting style much at all.

  6. KHAIRUL21021989 says:

    i have been using this technique for 10 years now….. manage to cast a max distance of 235 yards

  7. teck354 says:

    finger socks are for girls!

  8. jasons2823 says:

    cheers i am alot better at casting now and its AS SIMPLE AS THAT :) lol

  9. BAN1102 says:

    With 30 years of experience i still picked up a few tips here.

  10. jsg2891 says:

    i live in florida, i fish for tarpon from the beaches. i wish i could cast half as far as you guys, then i wouldn’t have to swim 100 yards off shore with cut baits to get it out to where they are feeding. but surf rods aren’t my thing, i use an 8 foot star rod

  11. StaySludge07 says:

    hi mate you are arther letting go of the line way to late or your knots are dodgy :)

  12. 07671978 says:

    i loved the video the way you counted the yards with the poles was amazing and i will be using your technique from now on thanks again for the videos

  13. jonesyovjarra says:

    thanks for this i can cast much further now sweeeeeeeet

  14. rubbertube999 says:

    top bloke mark hutchinson
    i will try it out when lake not frozen
    still got alot to learn but will take time
    cheers for this vid

  15. lauralexco says:

    Thank you for answering me. Which video shows me how to attach the braided leader to the main line?

    Again, I appreciate your help……

  16. garethdwatkins says:

    Hi there
    The secret, if you watch all the casting clips is to have a balanced set up. For long range you need a main line of around 10-12lb and 15 feet of braided leader of 35-50lb. Your weight needs to be adapted to your rod so for a 3lb test rod I’d suggest a 3 or 4 oz lead…
    This should stop you cracking off.

  17. lauralexco says:

    I bought my first carp rod last summer. But i keep losing my weights when the line snaps…….what can i do?

  18. coachelliott13 says:

    Nice one Mr hutchinson, fantastic tuition has made a great difference to the distance of my casts.

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