Cataclysm Fishing Daily 5: Big Gulp Part 2

Simon gets his fishing fix with brand new dailies. In this daily, we fillet several royal monkfish in the search for someone’s locket.

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23 Responses to “Cataclysm Fishing Daily 5: Big Gulp Part 2”

  1. rushy4321 says:

    rolf harris used to use a bit of cardboard as an instrument, that is why he makes thoes noises

  2. Penily says:

    I want the monkey noises for my text tone now. Lol!

  3. FascistFemale says:

    Your bush talk had me in stitches! It was like a porno taking place in Monty Python’s Holy Grail.

  4. RonnyWho says:

    New video?

  5. luckygozer says:

    @HellboundG What? you mean a rusty old key aint a good reward :O how could you if u use that key in a chest hidden in twilight highlands it will give u a map that leads to a hidden treasure in northrend wich will give u a key u need to do a dungeon in the new content that or you can do the quest that is 5 meters infront of the door for the dungeon

  6. KarlMarklund says:

    mmmmhmm, a lovely shruberry. It looks just like the one King Arthur found

  7. MrElementalbeast says:

    no honeybeard:(

  8. ILuvPillars says:

    @HeroJez Didn’t say there was anything wrong with it ;]! I wish I had glasses too, and we’re both on this video, so no denying our definate nerdyness!

  9. HeroJez says:

    @ILuvPillars I kind of wish I had glasses. They’re so funny. Also, I am a nerd… ;D I like nerds. Especially ones with glasses.

  10. ILuvPillars says:

    Glasses doesn’t make you a nerd, that’s like me saying the name “HeroJez” makes you a nerd.

  11. AOESQUAD says:


  12. MagnusRawr says:

    @harrysnot I agree! 😀

  13. Rabbibunny says:

    Can we make fishing the next Yogpod challenge?

  14. frozencold199 says:

    hey zephos can you post your computer specs in your channel info? thanks

  15. HeroJez says:

    Aaah, they both wear glasses. Hahaha, nerd superheroes. Epic.

  16. Tw1nkster says:

    dude can u check out my videos and help my channel grow please?

  17. TheShortyjjb9 says:


  18. harrysnot says:

    lewis.. you should kill all the first nerds.. (6)
    or just del it :)!

  19. swedensim says:

    I broke of my friends spinning rod and bought him a new one today , gratz to me loosing money

  20. HellboundG says:

    Blizzard should add good rewards for fishing.

  21. bleachplayer says:


  22. slapmyfaceplease says:


  23. huvi8 says:


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