Channel Bass Fishing

1947 Van Campen Heilner surf fishing film.
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  1. lukkbox says:


    did i touch a nerve?

    im simply stating that shite fisherman always have something to blame ….

    your one fo them :O)

  2. zarchy55 says:

    @iamtherealgrandmasta Don’t get you panties in a bunch. My comment had nothing to do with recreational fishermman releasing or not releasing fish. What I was referring to was commercial fishermen decimating the redfish population so that yuppies can eat the latest trendy menu item.

  3. iamtherealgrandmasta says:

    @zarchy55 yes.. when I speak to ANY eldery man/woman after a trip, they ask if I caught anything…when I tell them it was released they look at me and call me stupid. Big or small ..all mine go back in so don’t think you can point that wrinkly finger at this ‘yuppie’. I don’t know what blackened redfish is, they don’t have them where I come from so..I don’t have any idea what you’re trying to insinuate. Sick&tired of the older generation thinking we should be grateful.. Your wrong. For what..?

  4. iamtherealgrandmasta says:

    @lukkbox so i’m a bad fisherman? because i can’t catch a 47lber? haha..what planet are you on?!!?!?!?! do you fish for carp or something! Come to my part of the coast line(south wales) and i’d you’d more than likely struggle to keep up or even get to the mark…let alone catch as many as me. My point being that all the books I have on this era of fishing show what looks like a slaughter. Killing anything they caught. I’ve released more fish than you’ve had hot dinners so don’t be silly buggers

  5. zarchy55 says:

    @iamtherealgrandmasta Do you really think it’s “old boys” that did that. How about hoardes of yuppies ordering blackened redfish maybe?

  6. lukkbox says:


    bad fisherman will always find something to blame instead of their lack of skill …

    more fish are taken by 5 trawlers in one day than are caught by all the shore fisherman in a year

  7. iamtherealgrandmasta says:

    And now you probably never get a fish that size…47lb..thanks all the old boys for messing up future generations sport fishing. Catch and release..protect the juveniles and the breeders or all you’ll be catching is guppies

  8. cbmbdb says:

    What a great video!!!

  9. krismoore1984 says:

    fishing back in the old days was really good
    know you can’t even catch those big fish

  10. Nomad5O2 says:

    That’s about the only way I fish anymore, out of a kayak. I can be in a couple inches of water and be within 20 feet of a dozen Reds chasing mud minnows in the creeks.

  11. dogrockit says:

    I caught a 25″”Channel Bass” last week on a d.o.a. 1/4 oz. shrimp.(RedFish)Fishing out of Galveston,TX in my Kayak.Great footage!Classic!Vintage!

  12. noahvale says:

    Fishing is still that good on the coast. Those are Red Drum, the NC state fish. We catch them that big in Louisiana. Google Coastal Conservation Association and see what is being done to keep fishing strong on the coast.

  13. Reversegut408 says:

    LOL CHINESE???? LOL?????

  14. malchurn says:

    cheesy music lol, but nice to see an old fishing video.
    Rods and reels may have changed due to new materials, but basic fishing never does. this video is as valid today as then.

  15. mistercollins1 says:

    wow the good old days of fishing i wonder what would you get from that beach today size wise i think its down to modern industrial fishing….

  16. edwina22 says:

    sandeel is a good bass bait and you are better drift fishing for bass try to use livebaits and you wanna be fishing on the overfalls if you got a boat

  17. 0600093 says:

    i like to go fishing-normally i use either worms or squid but never really catch anything to be proud of. Does anyone have any suggestions for catching BASS please

  18. turdbutt99 says:


  19. CustomizedRide says:

    Its all the chinese people they take undersize fish and they eat em like how are they gonna get big.

  20. jonryan80 says:

    gotta love the good old days

  21. john00g says:

    yup. not many places u can fish strait off teh beach and catch a fish.. worlds runnin out, also notice how the first fish the narrator said it was a small one though if it was today that would be considered a medium to large sized fish

  22. Agumon5 says:

    God fishing in the USA use to be i gotta go to other country’s to get decent fish.

  23. jcalex says:

    What fun!!!!

  24. eddietwang says:

    you dont miss what you have until its gone

  25. eddietwang says:

    you dont miss what you have until its gone

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