Clarence River bass fishing

A brief look at my trip to the Clarence River.

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17 Responses to “Clarence River bass fishing”

  1. 08apascoe says:

    What an awsome vid. U guys should try the sooties on the Herbert and walsh rivers fnq. My pb is 55cm at somerset but nothing is more satisfying then wild bass. And the average sizes of 40+ is oustanding!!! Many thanks for sharing that with us.

  2. BrockSisson says:

    Hookin a mid 50’s Bass at the Gorge is an unforgettable experience, geez they go hard up there. Great video, thats what fishins all about

  3. 12danette says:

    what are yall fishin with i want to know because that is a nice sized bass

  4. bowesy123 says:

    (sarcastic) aha aha aha not funny

  5. pusshead80 says:

    great video mate. where are you fishin

  6. pusshead80 says:

    theres always one cockhead. shutup pitbully ur a joke

  7. gtqfd says:

    the gorge is deadset the best place ever, usually go up about 3 times a year. did you go up through the winters property or wave hill station?

  8. thecod22 says:

    What a stunning video. You guys pulled in some honkers. That is what wild river bass is all about.

  9. loomis77 says:

    A few, but they were mainly to snags on the far bank…its not as if we could across to get them back.

  10. gwano13 says:

    did you loose many lures?

  11. jakejoke1 says:

    good work aye next time maybe u should take a little net or something haha

  12. bowesy123 says:

    Pitbully, I think you need to be put down. This is one of the best wild river bass videos on the net!!!

    Loomis you have done an excellent job with this clip. Bring on some more!!!

  13. loomis77 says:

    Driving 5 hours south, paddling 1 hour down river from camp, hiking for 8 hours over mountain goat country to cast artificial lures for Australias premier native sportfish and then releasing them unharmed when caught! How is that un-australian?

    Come back when you know what you are talkin about.

  14. whykickacatalong says:

    UnAustralian pitbully1234? Fishing wild river gorge country for a tough Aussie fish in hard running water after paddling and walking in then to let them go for next time. What is unaussie about that? Maybe you should get an Australian Kelpie instead of an American Pitbull. Glass houses eh? 😉

  15. pitbully1234 says:

    thats wrong mate fish a natural fish ladder. its like shooting fish in a barrel. thats weak. you must be un australian. whats next using a net.

  16. blumako says:

    That is simply awesome. 50+ wild Bass. I’d kill for a session like that! I’m getting sick of land based at North Pine! haha.

  17. CoffePerculator says:

    Up in the gorge?

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