Dean Martin and Jonathan Winters

Comedy skit on the Dean Martin Variety Show

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25 Responses to “Dean Martin and Jonathan Winters”

  1. bentolli7 says:

    thanks for posting this

  2. KaptKan1 says:

    @jayhop1 Jonathan Winters is retired, but very much alive. Just because you aren’t doing comedy it doesn’t mean that you don’t exist.
    That said, I haven’t seen Elwood P. Suggins or Maudie Frickert in a month of Sundays… I hope that they are doing well.

  3. ArchStantonSavage says:

    During the early ’70s Winters had a show called “The Wacky World of Jonathan Winters”, where he would walk into an attic full of stuff, by himself, and just add lib the funniest things you ever heard. Unfortunately,I haven’t been able to find the show.

  4. FritzOmnibus says:

    Martin with punk hair.

  5. Turbo976 says:

    @oldstyle1957 HE IS STILL ALIVE….

  6. oldstyle1957 says:

    I loved Jonathan Winters in “Its a mad, mad, mad, mad world” as Mr. Pike the truck driver

  7. GrinnerTheOnly says:

    Funniest man ever!

  8. ollyfun says:


  9. OldieMusicMan says:

    “We had one guy who was weird . . . Real weird . . . Wore velvet shoes.”

    God! He was brilliant.

  10. Martaan66 says:

    Jonathan Winters….one of the funniest of all time.

  11. jayhop1 says:

    so sad that we forgot about jon he was really good

  12. heatherrose2006 says:

    OMG is right! He always was hot.

  13. heatherrose2006 says:

    “You come up here by yourself?”
    “…the Trumley Queens the one boys a little strange the other ones alright.”

  14. marilynmortician says:

    I think it was just a bad dye job. White hairs get the color in lighter tones. It would be funny if they were highlights but I highly doubt it.

  15. LisaJMoore says:

    were those highlights in Dean’s hair? OMG?

  16. amichip says:

    Comedic genius

  17. spsmonktoo says:

    Exactly right!

  18. KaptKan1 says:

    Well said, tuxguys!
    “…them ‘Hollywood’ cigarettes…” LMAO!
    Jonathan ad libbed most of this stuff, too. What a genius he is!

  19. pdogone1 says:

    agree a towering genius of comedy j winters

  20. jlennon48 says:

    Funny man one of the best ever.

  21. moviebuff3000 says:

    yeah the comedy was really inasant back then

  22. connelpark says:

    Jonathan you are among the greats if not the greatest

  23. KaptKan1 says:

    The great Elwood P. Suggins; one of my heros…

  24. tuxguys says:

    How subtle is this: At least one drug joke, so inferential that the whole family can watch it; at least one “homo” joke (different time, no offense meant) so inferential that the whole family can watch it. There really is a freedom in discipline.

  25. Coptic78 says:

    do they always do… that… hollywood?

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