Ed ‘Rock Hopper’ Schliffke: Bass Fishing in Cornwall

Ed Schliffke catches sea bass like it’s going out of fashion. He used to catch bass and sell them to Rick Stein but now he’s 100% catch and release. Ed is one of fishing’s big characters. Watch and enjoy.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Ed ‘Rock Hopper’ Schliffke: Bass Fishing in Cornwall”

  1. transporter1975 says:

    He is a cracking bloke, will help anyone out and does very well in the local Cornish matches fishing all methods, I recomend his double dvd set, spoilt for choice volume 1 & 2 which you can get from Padstow angling centre.

  2. dfg297lpopdirk says:

    ” Dont you wish you where here with me catching bass”
    Yes i do you ^^^&&**!!!!$****
    great video though

  3. UnitedPonys says:

    hahaha the camera man is looking at the mountain and then the host yells FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4:20 4:24

  4. WeezabuzZ says:

    Should have been called ‘Bass To The Future’ lol

  5. keeperdude1 says:


  6. graham878787 says:

    Brilliant :) Where abouts you fishing that too? Goin fishing Sunday, looks like a nice spot!

  7. creamtt says:

    @spewmanity Some days they want it fast, some days they want it slow, use both methods on the day.

  8. spewmanity says:

    Every book I’ve read tells you to vary the retrieve and reel slowly for bass. Ed seems to quickly reel in at a constant speed – so can anybody tell me (as a newbie) what’s the best method?

  9. DRSHOCKIN says:

    quality fishing, quality fisherman,

  10. Pieboytx1 says:

    Bloody Git, wish I could do that,,,,
    Fantastic though, thank you,,,,,

  11. santasuckscock says:

    good bass tips with the white water

  12. mickeyswift says:

    @MrBullhounds Tosser

  13. sirwillgaby says:

    @MrBullhounds listening to too much death metal i gather

  14. bucksville says:

    did he die after this?

  15. thexeyex says:

    is it really CP-s rockhopper? the owner of the penguin named rockhopper?*

  16. hanghoodiescum says:

    think maybe a stop at the barbers on the way home

  17. 355k13 says:

    This guy used (poss still does?) write for Sea Angler magazine, he certainly knows his stuff & seems to enjoy his bass fishing…….don’t we all though? :)

  18. Mr0Judo0Man says:

    I need to go fishing with you, your cool.

  19. mattlwy007 says:

    @modernwarfare2bc he doesnt know !

  20. modernwarfare2bc says:

    @GEOPAIH1234 cheers for that very helpful

  21. GEOPAIH1234 says:

    @modernwarfare2bc North Coast, but I’m not telling you where exactly as its not known to many, and is one of the best spots for bass

  22. modernwarfare2bc says:

    hi were is this?

  23. modernwarfare2bc says:

    hi were is this?

  24. situation87 says:

    @joebayron Great contribution knob

  25. Tomilolo says:

    nooooo! you are crazy!! i hate no kill

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