Farm Pond Fishing in Lexington

From his cell phone, a private land owner showed our host, Tim Farmer, a snapshot of an 8-pound largemouth bass caught the previous week. That was incentive enough to grab some gear and remember the value of farm pond fishing. Often dismissed because of small size or lack of scenic beauty, a well-balanced pond packs plenty of excitement. We go to Fayette County for the proof.

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5 Responses to “Farm Pond Fishing in Lexington”

  1. KentuckyFishing says:

    hey bud is this pond private

  2. GoodPlayLists says:

    this show if my fav, and tim is is the kinda man i wished lived next door to me. hell of a show hell of a man thanks for everything. i hunt and live in kentucky and each time im amazed at how pretty and fresh it is around here. wouldnt want to live anywhere else!

  3. shanadoia says:

    thanks for all the info

  4. leetcraig says:

    I love this video, great job.

  5. joescout says:

    you are such a bad arse amazing fisherman and a inspiration!

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