Fishing Floats – Are They Still Effective?

Fishing floats also referred to as fishing bobbers, have been around for years. Most experienced anglers understand that this device serves two prongs. Primarily anglers use this device to control the depth at which they fish their bait. The second use for this device is to alert anglers when a fish has taken the bait. The angler knows this has happen because the float will disappeared from site, do to the fact that the fish has taken it under water. This action lets the angler know that it is time to set the hook.

A favorite among anglers is the skinny, long float, which is most commonly used to fish coarse type waters. In still waters it is recommended that you use a thin tube style fishing bobber made of plastic – most fishing enthusiast refer to this style float/bobber as a waggler.

Then there is the third fishing float which is extremely popular among fishing circles that is known as an avon bobber or float. To the new fisher (person) this piece of equipment can be identified by its oval shape, and hollow top. The avon was specifically designed to be cast further than its counter parts.

As of recently manufactures of fishing equipment have created fishing floats that allow the angler directional control over the float. This type is normally used when fishing on a river, and can be used from the bank or aboard a boat. The bobber should be used when fishing a river that does not a strong rapid current. You also have full control over the navigation of the bobber and can direct it down stream, right or left. The real benefit of this type of float is that it allows the angler to reach areas that may otherwise be difficult or impossible to reach any other way.

Who does not remember sitting with eyes glued to that fishing bobber as a child. The excitement was unbearable! After looking for a few minutes your eyes began to play tricks on you and you thought that you seen the bobber wiggle a little. Years later I still have that feeling as I fish with my son. Although fishing floats have changed over the years the emotion has not.

Todays floats are made of a variety of different material, and you can buy them in different shapes, colors, and sizes. However the job of all fishing floats have remained the same over the decades.

Fishing Bobber Basics

When using a fishing float, you should use one just big enough to support the bait and weight. You will know if you have everything right if only the top of the float is displayed. After casting it’s time to play the waiting game, and wait for the float to go under before attempting to set the hook.

When adding a leader you want to ensure that it is light, this will avoid frightening the fish. You should use the type of bait that will sink once the bobber hits the water, it should dangle below the bobber. Another good tip is to check your hooks before leaving for your day of fishing, there is nothing like loosing that award winning fish because you have a weak or dull hook.

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