Fishing for large-mouth bass in an Orlando lake

Bret Roseboom catching a 14-inch large-mouth bass in Lake Crowell, located close to Disney World in Orlando Florida. Caught around 10 am on April 17, 2007.

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16 Responses to “Fishing for large-mouth bass in an Orlando lake”

  1. darkside3704 says:

    @mattroseboom lmao, i used a piece of corn and could one there Hahaha its so fun though

  2. bassaholic95 says:

    @mattroseboom lmao

  3. bassaholic95 says:

    not trying to be mean but thats like a pound and a half


    k thats 1 1/2 lb

  5. f3mt0eater says:

    i know you didnt say 3 pounds l0l. nice fish x]

  6. JarrettZ97 says:

    “Nice three pounds” hahahaha….nice 1½ lb fish….nice fish though….try bouncin tube’s off the bottom n try ur luck with a slip sinker…crush em

  7. mattlovesmeeok says:

    If that was a 3 pounder then my dick is 24in

  8. mattroseboom says:

    It’s a private lake behind a housing development. Artificial bait was used.

  9. killerboy132k says:

    what lake did u went on orlando,where,and what bait did u use?

  10. ishutemdown02 says:

    Yea not even 2 lbs pff

  11. mattroseboom says:

    My, what big balls you have.

  12. vandos11 says:

    if that fish is three pounds then my balls should wiegh about 15 pounds

  13. john33f says:

    thats a one pounder

  14. deanerslastweekend says:

    3 pounds my ass haha that things a weasel

  15. hugegiantfrogs says:

    Not so sure about 3 pounds, but it looked like a fun catch! good job, what were you using for bait?

  16. luisbaez10 says:

    Thats a shit load of bluegill

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