Fishing Knots With Pete: The Arbor Knot

Knot to tie your fishing line to your reel. For more knots go to

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14 Responses to “Fishing Knots With Pete: The Arbor Knot”

  1. sinanharb says:

    thank you so much for the very useful video

  2. sinanharb says:

    thank you so much for the very useful video

  3. bigtaive says:

    thanks this help

  4. Hydra773 says:

    why is this knot so difficult for me? ive been trying now for like 20 minutes and still cant get it…

  5. ATHF10 says:

    helped me tons thanks

  6. MrBorges53 says:

    Very clear, very helpful, congratulations.
    You should put title: spool knot, spooling spinning reel etc.

  7. futurama1977 says:

    thanks, very clear

  8. enVmeACCORDngly says:

    lol on 5:07

  9. leviticustattoo says:

    Thanks for taking the time to make this video! I now know how to tie an arbor knot. I lost a rig a few weeks ago from not tying the arbor properly.

    Good explanation and slow motion description. : )

  10. mysciencenow says:

    thanks this really helped take my mind off the girl who i had been asking out all year without success

  11. Guitarsrule2009 says:

    This is an excellent video,thanks i had trouble at first getting the second slip knot to actually slip but it happened eventually!

  12. sixxxis says:

    Thanks, this really helps me alot :)

  13. dohpless says:

    thanks a lot. it’s been years since i tied one of these arbor knots and you made it very helpful to get new line put on an oldie but goodie baitcaster.

  14. djinifuribabluri says:

    nice video explains very well

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