Fishing Mississippi River Backwater Bass Fishing

This week we head to the backwaters of the Mississippi River for some jumbo largemouth bass. The midsummer bite can be awesome if you can find those drop-offs with timber on them. You can see full show at:
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25 Responses to “Fishing Mississippi River Backwater Bass Fishing”

  1. legithockey says:

    what lb test is that line i just hooked a NICE bass and it got off right at the shore on 8 lb test in a pond what is a good lb test?

  2. Sniperatyourfeet says:

    We are headed out to the back waters in Wabasha later in Sept. We always do well on the perch. Great video

  3. yz85caden says:

    this is an awswome video awsome fish too

  4. TheGrownUpAdult says:

    Awh you called the bass fat. You meanie. :(

  5. maskful says:

    It was a good catch but he was using a plastic worm, he would of done even better if he fished it slowly back to the boat

  6. dad325 says:

    haha nice fish, but you sound like your about to cry. lmao

  7. Shadow1inkX says:

    i wanna live next to missisippi river… >_< i’m in california and its gonna be days gettin there XD.

  8. Kidsfisherman says:

    have you try the black and blue jigs if they work around??

  9. scottyo0o1 says:

    how well does a 7″ red work?

  10. GameICY says:

    looks like a nice spot

  11. pinoybro09 says:

    how many times do u think u should cast with a search bait in 1 area

  12. philly442 says:

    @AzDevilsFan What was it 4 and 3 quarters? Oh yeah I forgot you weren’t there so you wouldn’t know haha thats right.

  13. 99thmonkee says:

    A toad fisherman

  14. 99thmonkee says:

    nice toads, but when you’re really ready to catch some lunker bass, come down to east texas , but leave that little play thing you have for a rod at home and bring a real rod. Like the canoe. Nice way to bass fish once you get used to it, especially if you know how to set it up right.

  15. Bassmasterx18 says:

    Know way thats five pounds

  16. vidsneaker285 says:

    haha 5 pounder ya rite

  17. chapman2332 says:

    how the hell is that 5lb the last one looked the same as the third and the one before the second 5lb er was the Saaammme size! :0

  18. tattloco says:

    5 pounds lol right

  19. akamaster09 says:

    i would rather the side mouth

  20. MrKoolAidSmith says:

    @fishpimp100 because were practicing fo the bass masters classic du!

  21. 1xXD4N13LXx1 says:

    @fishpimp100 americans got big hands to lift the bass up by the mouth lol

  22. MrKiller2991 says:

    @panthrosan i am 13 i have been fishin scince three caught a five pound and still havent kept a single fish

  23. metallica250000 says:

    Wats the sound the reel makes? Ots some squeaky sound wen he reels in? beastly bass fishing though!

  24. MrOnejit says:

    look at that rod and

  25. fishpimp100 says:

    Why is it that americans never use landing nets??

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