FS Tour – Week 15: Bass Fishing Tournament Highlights

Me and a couple of buddies have our own small bass fishing tournament trail we fish a couple of times a month. I videotaped this weeks tourney and won with 18lbs 6oz (5 fish). This video is a breakdown of the fish being caught. This is my first real attempt at editing so any comments or constructive criticism is welcome to help me improve on future videos.

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7 Responses to “FS Tour – Week 15: Bass Fishing Tournament Highlights”

  1. okeebassdudes says:

    great bass action hate to lose the big ones too it does hurt urban dogs i agree can shut up

  2. caramify says:

    make more videos like this please

  3. 1fishEguy says:

    Worms and a tube.

  4. wifisherman says:

    nice vid man! what were you throwing?

  5. 1fishEguy says:

    I live across the street in Ft Myers. Although I’m a Cape canal rat and fish there regularly, we fish all over from Winter Haven to Lauderdale and everywhere in between.

    If you go into my channel you can access my website and go into the photo page to see a few of the toads I’ve caught in the Cape.


  6. sixstringx2 says:

    nice fish…where do you guys fish, lots of canals in florida ! I live in Cape Coral, west coast.

  7. fishingandhunting1 says:

    cool video. nice job!

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