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25 Responses to “GL042409Otalia1”

  1. fruprort says:

    Oh man, Olivia is sooo good at passive aggressive…….she is a tiger, business mogul.. force to be recond with yet Nat says ” maybe we should take some time and think about it” Olivia says…” ok ” like a little kid.. I LOVE IT !!! Olivia would do anything for Nat .. ( oh ladies it is SOOOOOO gonna be diffrent !!! ) Olivia is gonna shred Nat !!!

  2. yojayoung says:

    “i can’t say no to spagetti” natalia says tragically

  3. johannagp says:

    Every time I watch this I get the feeling that JL was checking that waiter out when he was leaving (which is why they both burst out laughing when CC caught her. You can even see CC look at the camera to see if they’re still filming).

  4. cassandraleighx says:

    I really want a love that Liv and Nat have. So genuine, so hard to find. Something anyone should cherish.

  5. Maybeeee says:

    are you saying Stewie is not adorable??? Because he is.

  6. solonggl says:

    or maybe it should have been FIVE…cause emma, olivia, nat, baby ivy and the imagined frankenspawn

  7. solonggl says:

    it really was a party of FOUR….

  8. jesuzrokz says:

    Greeter “Are you two together?” Nat “Yeah, we’re friends.” Olivia “I think he means are we a party of two.” Hahahaha! Those two are great together!

  9. itswhatithink24 says:

    thank you laminage.

  10. laminage says:

    When they lived together, there was this running joke about Natalia making “Banana Pancakes” for Emma for Breakfast. When they said that, they were trying to break the Ice so to speak.

  11. odie952 says:

    They are soooooo cute together!!!

  12. tuttut29 says:

    WOW!!! If Liv’s eyes @ :50 dont turn you into a pool of melted butter then you are not human.

  13. ingu1 says:

    Re Emma – Its sooo true. lol. She’s like Stewie Griffin, but adorable!!!

  14. hnicolasora says:

    Is the laughing part of the scene or there is something that make them laugh that actually not part of the scene. Anyone knows, please?

  15. Guraslananscealai says:

    when she first said no to the latte, I thought – “ok maybe that is smart…don’t want to rush this” – but now in July, looking back, I think TAKE THAT LATTE!!!! GO FOR IT! DO IT NOW!! that is all.

  16. trisher22 says:

    ouch!!! olivia, you are killing that outfit is there anything you don’t look good wearing ?

  17. miekhead says:


  18. RebelBelizean says:

    i love how Liv reaches out for Nat’s hand when they are leaving the church..they are super cute

  19. wildysary says:

    “God loves all of us.he just want us to be happy” amazing lines…
    These three likes spaghetti, you have good taste in food eheh 😉 nobody can say No to spaghetti! ;D
    hey the waiter is very cute! X)

  20. MaddyOps says:

    hand holding! aaaaaghhh!! love it.

  21. logan657 says:


  22. melikadothechacha says:

    Their laughter totally just made my day! :)

  23. BearGirl26 says:

    Gotta love all that damn sexual tension. xD

  24. nique15jms says:

    This was a really cute moment

  25. jenna4girls says:

    roast beef look beefy? really? OMG how did she notice?

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