Hat Cam Bass Fishing Go2Bait swim-n-crawl

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16 Responses to “Hat Cam Bass Fishing Go2Bait swim-n-crawl”

  1. tbfisherman says:

    i just watched a video on the tommy wilcox show they were fishing the swim-n-crawl
    on top like this . it was a awesome show

  2. crazybassfisher says:

    dang man the first and third bass just hammered that swim n crawl. great bass man

  3. OntarioBassFishing says:


  4. dudeitssbryce says:

    awesome fish

  5. undergroundfishing says:

    omg how fun dose that look! the bait looks gr8!

  6. philly442 says:

    they look a little better than the Yum money Craw

  7. okeebassdudes says:

    great video really enjoyed it you caught some nice bass

  8. BassinNW says:

    Great video!

  9. MLBRENIZER says:

    Great video! It’s good to see you using the pliers to extract the hook from the fishes mouth. It’s not fun having to extract a hook from your hand. I can say this from experience. That looks like a pretty effective bait you’re fishin’! I might just have to snag me some of those baits. Nice work with the hat cam, too.

  10. LarryNEPABassFishing says:

    I have had great success up here in PA with the Swimmin Crawl. They slam it, hang on to it and I have an almost 100% hookup %. Much easier to set the hook than on the frogs like the horny toad. Plus the advantage of working it at any speed since it is very bouyant. I recommend these things. They are very effective.

  11. crazydux9 says:

    Hey man great video, really nice fish gotta love topwater ehh!

  12. draywanda says:

    Dandy bass! That place looks like it oughta be full of ’em!

  13. MrRapala91 says:

    LOVE IT!
    Wish I could have been there :(
    Keep it going with the videos:)

  14. phytobedo says:

    That looks like a great place to fish. Very high quality footage and some nice, fat bass too!

  15. crazyfin2 says:

    Outstanding video! I need to make a few of those lures. Great top water shots!


    that bait looks extremely freestyle.. you can wake it and fish it below the surface? 5 star vid

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