How To Catch A Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth bass are considered as one of the most fearsome and strongest bass around, and let it be known that they will not just sit there while you reel them in, as they will use every ounce of their strength to break free, not to mention that they can leap to incredible heights in the water. So if you’re looking to make a sport out of small mouth bass this fishing trip, here are some tips on how you can do so.

Understanding Smallmouth Bass

One of the most important thing that you ought to get right from the beginning is understanding how a smallmouth bass works. Finding out what their diet and feeding habit is can help you win half the battle already! By using this information you have on them, you will also be able to choose the exact fishing lines and lures that will no doubt make your fishing trip much easier and rewarding.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Technique – Walking the Dog

One of the most utilized technique when it comes to smallmouth bass is the walk the dog technique, it mimics the action of you walking the dog which is moving your slack line from left to right while pulling back the lines you have casted towards you. This is to mimic their favourite’s diet which is insects. Therefore when you do this, you are moving from left to right in an angled movement. No doubt it can be difficult to master as it takes a lot of practices, but it can be hugely rewarding once you have learn how to do it perfectly.

Be Patient

Understand this, bass fishes will fight for their life, more so for a smallmouth fish than others because of their agility and strength that they possessed. Therefore be extremely patient when fishing for them, you want to work them instead of forcing and tugging them in with your own strength. Patience is the key, dance with them and you’ll be having a much happier fishing trip!

Use Smaller Baits

When choosing your baits, you want to be using one that would not disturb the water as much; as such you want to be using smaller baits instead of bigger ones. Plastic baits are usually good but not as effective as wooden spooks.

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