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(PRWEB) March 7, 2006

Backed by twenty years of bass fishing experience, the “Bass Fishing 101” is loaded with strategies and interesting tidbits that answers every fisherman’s question about bass fishing. The book is designed to serve as a practical guide for beginners and professionals without having to endure countless hours in the water.

As a result, many fishing enthusiasts have dubbed this book as the “Bass Fishing Guide of the 21st Century.” The book discusses valuable tips and information about techniques, lures, casting and a whole lot more about bass fishing. In addition, Bass Fishing 101 discusses the tricks used by experts to catch the big bass.

Bass Fishing 101 touches on the ABC’s of bass fishing to help boost a person’s chances of capturing the big bass. The book endeavors to explain the variety of bass and at the same time illustrate the difference between each type of bass. Bass Fishing 101 also helps bass fishing enthusiasts recognize and anticipate the common behavior patterns of bass in order to catch them.

In addition, the book aims to address many of the major misconceptions about bass fishing. Finding the just the right bass fishing hole is one of the most common problems faced by both beginners and professionals. Especially since finding the ideal bass fishing hole can be quite challenging even for a professional. Fortunately, the book can help a fishing novice or professional discover what to look for when searching for the perfect fishing hole for bass along with detecting the ideal water temperature for bass fishing, which is the key to catching the big bass.

Bass Fishing 101 also talks about how to select the right bait for the right bass while clarifying the half-truths about buzz baits. It also reveals the secret techniques used by professional to catch the big bass like finding out the best part of the day for catching bass. It also gives the fine points on what reel and rod are the best to use for bass fishing. Plus, Basic Fishing 101 gives away the best information on the right angling techniques to capture the big bass.

On top of that, Bass Fishing 101 also makes an effort to explain the fundamentals on weights and sinkers used for bass fishing. At the same time, the book also gives the bass fishing enthusiast further details about what the right techniques are when fishing from a boat.

Getting this book has never been easy as it is readily available online. A bass fishing enthusiast can receive the Bass Fishing 101 within a day. There is no need to wait for the mailman to deliver it a week later after placing an order online. Plus, it is available at any time of the day morning, noon or night. The book can be downloaded straight from the Internet within minutes after placing the order.

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