Lake Fork Bass Fishing –

Lake Fork Bass Fishing with guide Stephen Fatherree

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4 Responses to “Lake Fork Bass Fishing –”

  1. RenoLC55 says:

    Great video, lot’s of energy! Good video promoting catch and release.
    thanatoslrsd, if you’re not using a Barbie fishing pole you can safely swing a bass in over 3lbs.

  2. thanatoslrsd says:

    lol, maybe they should start thinking about the landing techniques :)
    Hard on the fish and tackle to swing anything over 3lbs.

  3. MienB0i916 says:

    i understand lifiting 2,3, or 4 pounders in a boat.. but those 5/6 pounders you guys lifted in the boat were crazy

  4. cas6s says:

    Awesome vid man!!! ‘Bout time a fishing guide had some energy and a personality.

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