Lake St. Claire MI. Bass Fishing “Florida Style”

I had a great trip with Capt. Doug at Fine Line Fishing. We both caught a bunch of fish and a couple nice 3-4 pounders.

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  1. krissyndjjordan says:

    i tell you what if you ever come to kentucky try elkhorn creek in frankfort ky wade up nd down the creek with a buzz bait youll nail 3-5 pounders all day ask around about elkhorn creek see if anybody knows about it.great vid. tight lines

  2. aggieman4 says:

    i meant flw tournament…lol

    and finally!, another right handed fisherman, lol…i thought i was one in a million.

  3. aggieman4 says:

    i fished the flow tournament on lk. st clair.

    initialy im from michigan,i survived the first day, but i didnt make the cut the second…i was actually fishing the river.

  4. smcdonald86 says:


    Lake St. Claire is connected to lake Erie, which is one of the great lakes via the Detroit river…The size is kind of like The Big “O”

    This was such an awesome experience! The water reminds me of the keys…just like being at John Pennecamp…turquoise colored water that you can see 12 feet down into. If you ever have the opportunity to fish up there on St, Claire or Erie do take it. I look forward to fishing some B.A.S.S. and FLW events here in the future. I had a blast!


  5. sgtcarlos91 says:

    nice vid wow that lake look like an ocean is that one of the great lakes

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