Life in Tokyo # 65 Some Fish Have All the Luck Click for high quality. The link under the video has screwed up audio sync. All about the lottery and fishing in Tokyo. Kind of opposite topics, but originally I had intended these two concepts to overlap, until of course I discovered that fishing is not as luck based as it appears to be. The 2008 Lottery Prizes are 70 people will win 2 million dollars 140 people will win 1 million dollars I will win nothing More info: The fishing cost about 800 Yen per hour, and no you can’t keep the fish. But they weigh them and you get a discount coupon depending on your haul. More info here:

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25 Responses to “Life in Tokyo # 65 Some Fish Have All the Luck”

  1. MDIS says:

    Hey , i used to fish at that place in Tokyo. Ichigaya ? I use to fish there with my high school mates and we would have a match of whose the better fishermen. Hahaha. I love your videos. Reminds me of Japan again.

  2. D3MAK says:

    use small bait so the fish can eat it in 1 time with the hook

  3. andrew24p says:

    LOL “i think theyre racist fish”

  4. Feserrao says:

    @alkaro so do brazilians

  5. kmah88 says:

    what the hell is that guy using for bait… fish crack?!

  6. batsugame123 says:

    “fish hell”…haha…and why the hell do they wait in lines that long…heh..i know i wouldn’t…

  7. sexydynamitelondon says:

    this video touched my heart hahahahahahahahaha

  8. Abe4489 says:

    8:58 SCUBA KITTY!!!!!!!!

  9. aerisundeadx says:

    I think Mr. Fish ninja had an epic sushi dinner that night.

  10. rootberry says:

    The best part about the video is your commentary about being repeatedly hooked. Awesome.

  11. rarityd says:

    this is one of my most fav videos. it’s weird but you made me feel really relax and comfortable like I was watching a video clip of a good friend. thank you

  12. EonPerchx says:


  13. SelilaBlue68 says:

    This is one of your most underrated yet most awesomely enjoyable vids–I mean, your observations and perceptions are not only spot-on, they’re wickedly funny–can’t help but giggle through the whole thing! =D

  14. pokade12 says:

    …don’t tell me they put those fish back!? if so thats a waist of time and money , thats toltaly sucks . i love fishing and get to keep them too, yum dinner is served lol LA is packed with fish hahaha

  15. drahn1275 says:

    I will tell you why Japan is a shit country with shit people.
    if you want to know. visit my homepage and ask me trough e-mail.
    Korea rule !!!! go Korea !

  16. BigPurple121 says:

    You’re probably right

    I also meant to say *choose* not choice

  17. thelastalchemist says:

    thats because that idiot couldnt wait to see the whole video before posting a comment

  18. aggimontana says:

    couple million dollars O_o still a lot XD

  19. BigPurple121 says:

    You’re an idiot. Those people wait for no reason. Buying tickets at any location gives you an equal opportunity to win, but they choice to wait.

  20. RARG9 says:


  21. riztar says:

    dont be so harsh on them a couple of million is worth waiting for . dont you think ?or are you so rock star that you dont need it?

  22. Reelbigearth says:

    The guys a freaky fish guy, thats what he is

  23. megamanxu says:

    lets say there are 200 ppl buying tickets
    shop 1: 0 ppl
    shop 2: 200 ppl

    shop 2 have 100% chance of someone winning, therefore making it lucky! 😀

  24. shadedscript says:

    racist fish LOL!!

  25. alkaro says:

    Waiting in line is the japanese national sport.

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