Lund Boats: The Premier Bass Fishing Boats

In North America, the most common form of recreational and sport fishing is bass fishing because of the abundant number of bass fish in the Canadian and American waters. This species of fish is easiest to catch. Anglers who fish for sport, recreation, or both usually fish for bass, and they use bass fishing boats to optimize the experience.

Bass fishing boats are common vehicle merchandise in the market. They are quite small and are composed of two motors. The outboard motor is used for keeping the speed of the boat and travelling to different areas while the trolling motor is used to propel the boat in a very slow pace while the angler is fishing on a certain area on the water.

There are a lot of brands of bass fishing boats in the industry today, but only a few truly deserve commendation. One of these boat companies is Lund, which is currently one of the best boat manufacturing companies in the continent. It was founded by Howard Lund in 1948 and is now operating under the company Genmar Holdings. Lund features a wide variety of makes and models that will definitely suit the taste of every angler. These include sports, recreation, and family boats.

To fish with perfection, an angler must fish on the perfect boat. The 2010 Predator is exactly that kind of boat. It has a length of 20′ 2” and a beam of 90” which makes it an absolutely comfortable ride. There are a lot of storage areas, two swivel seats with four seat bases, two fill-up seats with underneath storage, a very spacious livewell, and excellent navigation console, all picturing perfection.

You have a choice of boat length with the Explorer series from Lund. The series has four available lengths: 20′ 2”, 18′ 4”, 17′ 4”, and 16′ 8”. The Explorer features a lot of storage areas, fishing rod storage, and excellent navigation console. The two livewells, one at the deck and one at the aft, allow you to catch as many fish as you desire, and the aft livewell has a baitwell for better catch.

The 1950 Tyee is a very accommodating boat with six seats for plenty of company. The boat has a lot of storage, even one of the fill-up seats have storage beneath it. It also has two livewells, a deck livewell and an aft livewell with a baitwell that is found underneath the other fill-up seat. The console also has a stereo for maximum entertainment while fishing for some bass.

An even more spacious boat is the 2150 Baron from Lund, which has a length of 21′ 10”, and a beam of 100”. It has four swivel seats, two fill-up seats (one with a livewell and baitwell underneath and the other with storage), a deck livewell, rod storage, and many more storage compartments. You can easily bring five of your friends and enjoy a great catch on this baby.

Lund has a lot more other models of boats to offer that have all features and functions that every angler desires and needs in an excellent bass fishing boat. It’s guaranteed that you can have the best time fishing if your bass fishing boat is Lund.

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