Maine Fly Fishing & Bird Hunting: Weatherby’s – Historic Maine sporting lodge providing fine dining, superb fishing and the best wild upland bird hunting in New England. Private cabins with fireplace, electricity and hot water provide rustic yet comfortable quarters and meals served in the 19th century lodge are as good at they get. Guides, shore lunches, salmon, smallmouth bass, lake trout, brook trout – fly fish or spin cast. Kids are free in July!

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8 Responses to “Maine Fly Fishing & Bird Hunting: Weatherby’s”

  1. 2122rob says:

    fall in ME is the best! Mars Hill here, love the bird hunting

  2. kexxun56 says:

    maltese hunter

  3. DOGLUV007 says:

    I wrote a book about bird hunting. “The last seasons the story of the bird hunter” I hope what happened to my home state never happens to this beautiful place in this video!

  4. DOGLUV007 says:

    If things go well I hope to make it here one day.

  5. MrDuffy81 says:

    I miss New England.

    I was born in NH.

  6. Oleee94 says:

    nice video!

  7. fliesandfins says:

    sorry meant 3:59

  8. fliesandfins says:

    4:05 – nice salmon jump! i love my trips to grand lake stream. it is classic downeast maine for sure. i hope nothing ever changes. “for many of us in maine, fall is the favorite time of year.” – agreed.

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