Matt Hayes Carp Fishing Part 9

part to his episodes the others on my account enjoy !

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21 Responses to “Matt Hayes Carp Fishing Part 9”

  1. TheFalkSquad says:

    @bumpyjason then don’t watch the video… why would I care? No one is forcing you into watching it.

  2. bumpyjason says:

    @h1tz3 look mate if thats what your into then thats your shit!

  3. bumpyjason says:

    @TheFalkSquad to be honest, I could never bring myself to watch anymore of his shit!i it would bore me to tears honestly.

  4. bumpyjason says:

    @h1tz3 lol that went a bit wrong didnt it! did i piss you off?

  5. TheFalkSquad says:

    hahaha lol if u watch most of his programmes and videos all of his carp are over 20lb ! plus he always gets multiple fish! just coz he doesnt sit on the bank for weeks on end with his bait boat n tht waitin for 1 big fish he just appreciates everything he catches like most good anglers.

  6. h1tz3 says:

    listen here twat.
    just coz matt hayes catches small fish doesnt mean he isnt the fittest male man alive.
    i would do him up the arse if given half the chance.
    his cock must be soo huge.
    love u .
    twat. x

  7. h1tz3 says:

    @h1tz3 all yours over 20? fuckin downsnydrome pakki cunt

  8. bumpyjason says:

    @h1tz3 1000 fish under 20lb! now go suck your own cock! noddy.

  9. h1tz3 says:

    @bumpyjason yet he’s caught 1000 more fish than you?

  10. jonnycoyle says:

    cant you just buy the rigs already made?

  11. lolrobin says:

    Where about should u tie on the lead weight to that rig? From the hook and bait that is…

  12. bumpyjason says:

    fucking shit rig! fine with 3 inch braid but with fluorocarbon! its gotta be atleast 15lb maybe 20lb. yeah his rig will catch a carp but you wont catch anything big. matt hayes is a cunt and knows nothing about rigs. hes a minnow basher. leave the rigs to korda and fox, atomic and pb, nash and gardner, esp, t.a and kryston! dont use tf gear and dont take any advice off matt hayes! hes the laziest fisherman i have ever seen in regards to rig design and bait application! he really is a noddy.

  13. colster71 says:

    yes you can, I use one piece of plastic corn with 2 pieces of real corn, the plastic corn goes on the hair last and the ‘boilie stop’ rests against it.

  14. fluebinder says:

    If u quit just casue of that reason, you does not love fishing that much

  15. Euphoria195 says:

    could you fo this method using sweetcorn, instead of boillies

  16. GThcr4ckxxX says:

    wow if u have to do everything this guy does to catch a carp just quit fishing

  17. busta1875369221 says:

    this si so usefull dor me now i do not have to use a hook tie thanks .

  18. videomanjunior says:

    hayes = god!!!!!!!!!

  19. StillAliveNKillin says:

    Can you show a video of yourself fishing please.

  20. Esox180 says:

    True, for my rigs I tie the knotless knot 8 turns up and 2 turns back down, I also start the turns at the smooth side of the eye of the hook rather than the closed side of the eye.

  21. geooorgeyboy121 says:

    at the end of the rig you dont pass it streight through after doing the knotless knot if you do 2 more turns over the knotless knot it clamps it into place and helps when fighting carp.

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