Most Commonly Used Lures For Bass Fishing

This article will talk about the various types of bass fishing lures and as an introduction for the different type of lures if you are new to bass fishing. Lures are as important as any other aspect of bass fishing because it determines whether you will be successful or not. When it comes to picking a lure, it can be difficult because it comes in so many different shapes and sizes, as such which one are good enough?

The key to choosing an effective lures for your fishing trip is to mimic the fishes diet, because ultimately the lures are used to do only one thing, which is to lure. The more closely you can replicate that in your lures the higher chances of success when it comes to fishing. The market these days are filled with fisherman lures instead of effective ones, therefore you want to keep this in mind when buying your own set out there.

Tips listed below are just as it implies, tips that can ease your selection of fishing lures, as such be sure to take as much time in finding out what works best for you because what might work for you might not be as fantastic a lure for other anglers!

1. Plastic Worms – The fishing industry has come a long way, as such it is no surprise that even live worms are replaced by plastic worms. These worms are mostly made from plastic or rubbers, but they still have the same fish catching scents that made it so useful and effective.

2. Crank Baits – Also known as plugs, these are hard plastic or wood baits that are designed to move a certain way while underwater. This makes them very versatile and they are really good at imitating as baits, thus making them very popular among anglers.

3. Lures Above Water – One of the most exciting ways to bass fish is to use a lure above water, or top water lure. The more popular type of above water lures are the jitterbug, and they are very effective in bringing the realism of lures above water.

These baits and lures are popular no doubt, but they should not be the only ones you are using, as such just be sure to keep your eyes open for any other type of baits and actually give it a try to see if they work for you. Not every bass fishing lures are created equally!

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