New B.A.I.T. ?Catch More Bass? Fishing Product Review Network

Southeast, USA (PRWEB) June 6, 2006

The Bass Anglers Invitational Trail (B.A.I.T.), America’s Best Team Trail for working-class anglers announces its new ‘Catch More Bass’ Fishing Product Review Network (FPRN) comprised of 17 B.A.I.T. tournament directors with extensive local fishing knowledge across eight southeastern states. B.A.I.T. tournament directors will perform highly-structured, on-the-water product testing, followed by published findings and recommendations that encompass several color, depth, light, location, temperature, solunar, water, and weather conditions. ‘Catch More Bass’ Fishing Product Reviews will be published at and offered in text and graphical formats to local media in the markets where the on-the-water reviews take place. A Product of the Year competition is also planned that will be segmented by category.

B.A.I.T. invites fishing product related companies to submit new and existing products to its ‘Catch More Bass’ network of seasoned tournament-fisherman-reviewers to determine and communicate a product’s effectiveness on dozens of unique bass fisheries across eight southeastern states. All products will be considered based on their appropriateness to bass fishing in the southeast, attracting bass, improving the bass-fishing experience, catching more bass, and ultimately the catch and release alive ratio. Once approved by B.A.I.T., submitting companies will be given review notice, with completion and publication schedules.

“We have an extraordinary network of tournament directors that understand the local conditions that contribute to catching bigger and more bass in the southeast,” says Allen “Bud” DeFoe, president and founder of The Bass Anglers Invitational Trail. “Our ‘Catch More Bass’ Fishing Product Review Network is another example of how B.A.I.T. continues to enhance its team trail experience in a proactive, media-rich manner. Through innovation, we hope to attract additional partners that will support our agendas that complement local communities, get more people fishing (children, seniors, and women), and make an environmental impact.”

About The Bass Anglers Invitational Trail | B.A.I.T., Inc.

B.A.I.T. ( is a team bass fishing competition comprised of 137 tournaments per season. 136 are one-day tournaments segmented into 17 divisions across eight southeastern states. A two-day ‘Classic’ tournament completes the regular tournament season. Anglers qualify for the ‘Classic’ at different lake locations on the ‘Trail’. Two fully-rigged Pro-Craft bass boats, cash prizes, and trophies are some of the prizes provided by B.A.I.T. and its partner/sponsors.

The 2006 B.A.I.T. ‘Classic’ is at Kentucky Lake on September 29-30. The host motel is the Inn by the Lake, telephone number (270) 362-4278 or (877) 360-4278. Be sure to mention the B.A.I.T. ‘Classic’ to get discounted rates.

There are B.A.I.T. divisions in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. B.A.I.T. is America’s best team trail for working-class anglers, founded by anglers in 1999 and run today by anglers.

For tournament information, contact B.A.I.T. Inc. at (866) 414-BAIT (2248), between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday – Friday | (276) 523-4213 after 4 p.m. and weekends.


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