OwnagePranks- Fishing Prank

Check Out Ownage www.youtube.com

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25 Responses to “OwnagePranks- Fishing Prank”

  1. CashFlow905 says:

    Diddly doodly……diddly..

  2. warlockmasta says:

    lol u shouldnt do it so late

  3. jaslester2009 says:

    u getting ur fishing equipment??? HAHAHAHA

  4. YourInvisibleShadow says:

    XD “Are you jacking off right now man?” “..It just sounded like you were wanking yourself…” XDD


    doodilly diddly doodly

  6. TheOneTrueWerewolf1 says:

    doodaly duodaly doo

  7. MysticMannn says:


  8. mercforhire1 says:

    “you got to dun diddly fiddly chill on those” XD

  9. mercforhire1 says:

    he say’d beat

  10. MrB0322 says:

    I feel liike ur going to kill me. LMAO

  11. YGSOUL says:

    i’m also balding LOLOLOL

  12. funkytown489 says:

    do you know what time it is : time to be buddies rofl

  13. purpkush309 says:

    @Angrychip65 LOOOOOOOL

  14. hyperpiper94 says:

    Doodily diddily doodily!

  15. Angrychip65 says:

    perfect time to be buddies!

  16. DaRealLavioso says:

    what ur name ?,…. didly


  17. yeaboi5000 says:

    Perfect time to be buddies! LOL

  18. chenny1017 says:


  19. sumbodee1 says:

    diddly duddly thats ddiddly duudly vid

  20. Tidermans says:

    “Are you getting your fishequipment?”

    haha perfect

  21. XiiSliiKiiX says:

    im also balding i noticed that u were balding aswell if that helps… HAAHAHAAHA!!!!

  22. socloseno says:

    no no no its PERFECT time to be buddies hahaha XD

  23. Taylorr1Whoo1 says:

    ? how? he was like saying it throughout the whole video.. not to sound like an asshole.. ahhaa.

  24. Adamzio1 says:


  25. lynch18 says:

    not to sound like a asshole.. but its actually 1:15 i had to go back to find out what you were talking about ahah

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