Peacock Bass Fishing 4 (Miami FL.)

Peacock Bass fishing Miami Florida. Sorry couldnt get HD for this vid. Vid 5 will have HD

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8 Responses to “Peacock Bass Fishing 4 (Miami FL.)”

  1. majrascal863 says:

    in hiali there are in schools of 100’s
    just take a castnet and get dem all at one time

  2. durtrider55 says:

    wat bait were u using

  3. jorgem42 says:

    nice fishing man …love the songe

  4. lrave001 says:

    nice catches there dude…keep at it..i just suscribed =)

  5. xMR305x says:

    My biggest was also 20 inches! Check out my video if you want to see a peacockbass i caught and an alligator came out of no were and got hooked on! itz called Peacockbass vs Alligator….. thx

  6. carag001 says:

    Awesome video you put together. I am surprised youtube has not muted your music…. Those are some really good fish there. I also like putting my fist in the Largemouth bass mouth. My biggest is 20 inches. 5 stars. Check my video response out.

  7. IronManJr says:

    dang dawg!
    how much did he weight in at???

  8. TLHookUp says:

    Nice job! I might be doing some peacock bass fishing real soon myself.

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