Professional Angler Michael Murphy gets hooked in face

Professional Angler Michael Murphy gets hooked in the face while filming for Ima Lures with Bill Smith Junior while fishing on Lake Murray in South Carolina. Visit

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25 Responses to “Professional Angler Michael Murphy gets hooked in face”

  1. skateboy159 says:

    thats a big catch lol my sister did this to my brother one time lol

  2. StuckInTheStargate says:

    skip to 1:20

  3. unknown000person says:

    nice piercing :p

  4. Nitelion94 says:

    lol my uncle got a jiterbug stuck in the back of his head once he said it dident hurt so he left it in but after awhile he see the jingleing sound got anoying and had his brother in law (the 1 who slamed it back there btw) rip it out

  5. surferdude786 says:

    My friend was pulling in a sun fish really fast and it came back and wacked me in the face … I never thought that would acually happen lol

  6. cskarulis says:

    I love it! “You got the film on? Now we’re gonna show you something…” Michael Murphy is so chill about the whole thing. I guess there is no real reason to panic in a situation like that, but to still have a sense of humor is great!

  7. ammyg123 says:

    nice cheek ring

  8. bigboss99999999999 says:

    ma tu non stai bene la droga fa male pazzo

  9. 3xut says:

    Good sport …Took it like a trooper. I once sat on a huge treble hook and my bro had to get it out. That was funny .

  10. giantbluemarlin says:

    Another good reason to use barbless hooks. You don’t lose many more fish. More skill. Less risk. Better for fish. And you can get back to fishing a LOT faster if you hook yourself.

  11. twocrumzz says:

    he got him a big fish lol i had to do this a beer helped out a lil bit :)

  12. xraidedlok says:

    tell him to keep pushin and get inline LOL

  13. xraidedlok says:


  14. AnglerInTexas says:

    It’s funny because he’s like well since i got hooked in the face let me go ahead and show you how to get it out

  15. blacklatin11 says:

    that is too funny…thats why when I go fishing and its a few of us on a boat, I get as far as I can from them….I’ve seen people get hooked and freak out like crazy..

  16. EmoItachiKun says:

    omg it is funny and Michael is such a great guy and i am sorry i lost his fishing pole!

  17. bucksatan1 says:

    Bassholes. Gotta lovem.
    Or not.

  18. mudnjeep44 says:

    haha, thats what I did.. I continued fishing!!!

  19. hockeyhounds5 says:

    now he knows how the fish feels lol

  20. laxjunky204 says:

    I’ve been hooked in the cheek with a big saltwater fly, while fishing for reds and specs. I continued to catch my limit of reds

  21. pugzlie18 says:

    its was like it wasnt even there

  22. dangitHAMM says:

    I love how you keep fishing with the hook in your face.

  23. DayJetFan says:

    I know a kid who wants to be a professional fisherman.

  24. jmay2002 says:

    Well Bill hooked the big one that is for

  25. CheezWizzChickk says:

    that looks like it hurts you act like it is nothing

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