Q&A: Bass Fishing????????????

Question by srizo: Bass Fishing????????????
I’m going to go to my grandmas house in a few days. She lives on the Black River in New York .She doesn’t have a boat or anything so i plan on fishing from shore. Black river is known for there pike and bass. Its still cold out and i was wondering what bait or lures to use to catch bass or pike from shore. Normally i use just worms and catch sunfish and little bass. So what are some lures or rigs to catch bass or pike in the black river in this cold weather up in New York from shore?

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Answer by Brandon W
I would try a small worm dropshot rigged or a football head jig w/ trailer.

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  1. kenbgray says:

    Try a red and white spoon ans see what that brings up. It might still be a little to cold Right now, but hey it never hurts to try. As long as your out doors and happy, thats all that matters.

  2. Nathan S says:

    I agree with B Dub go with a drop shot rig, small finesse jig or shakey head worm. I would also try a 3-4” plastic craw either on the drop shot or Texas rigged. You might hook some good smallies in that river. I have caught some good smallmouth here in western Carolina on a drop shot rig in the cold clear French Broad Rver. I use a 4” camo berkley power worm and cut the curl on the tail off.

  3. Hayden R says:

    if your fishing cold weather obviously the water will be colder so the fish will be down deeper and the bigger fish will be slugish. so my opinion to catching fish in cold weather is a drop shot worm and fish it slowly and bump it along.

  4. king of fishing says:

    a live golden minnow or live rainbow trout would work good in a river. for bass rig it on a #1 hook and 20lb mono leader and for pike 40lb wire leader. is this the same black river that runs through ohio.

  5. Fisher_King says:

    Brandon and Nathan are accurate.(Thumbs guys.)

    Any small shakey jig with a curly-tail or 4″ worm should work nicely.

    I like to use Berkley Gulp or Powerbait products, (esp in cold water).

    Here are some links to some good ideas:





    Hope this helps? Good luck.

  6. patrick says:

    I would use a Senko ( plastic work) . Let it sink for 10-15 seconds then yo-yo it.

  7. bassfisherman3283 says:

    I would try a jig or a shaky head worm you can never go wrong with a plastic worm or lizard.

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